What is Holding You Back From Improving Your Daily Life?

Do you feel like you are stuck in life and that you feel trapped and can’t get ahead? Let me explain what I mean by stuck. You feel like life is a struggle and you are just getting by each week. You are not enjoying life to the fullest. You are not unhappy but not really happy either. You have tried many things to improve your life and maybe even your financial position.

You have read self-help and self-improvement books or bought courses and listened to them. You have tried some of the things that were suggested only to fall back down to where you currently are again or they didn’t work at all.

You have tried to make extra money online or maybe a part time job to make more money. You get to a certain level and things still seem to slide back down again and you are still in your rut. Sound familiar?

What could be holding you back is your inner game. Let me explain what I mean by inner game. There are a lot of definitions for inner game and most people have not heard the term or affiliated it for what it is.  The inner game is generally what happens in your head and how you perceive the world around you.

Most of the time when personal development gurus talk about the inner game they often refer to something that takes place within the mind of the player and is played against the obstacles of fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, lack of focus, etc.

Most of it is closely related to self-confidence and self-esteem.  I also like to refer to it as your HABE’s.  That is your habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations.  We all develop habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations about everything in our life starting with our childhood.  These are learned.  That is good news.  Some of those habits and beliefs and attitudes no longer support us in pursuit of our goals, desires and dreams.  The good news is that new ones can be learned.

Why is the inner game so important?

It is important because without you having a belief that you can achieve something you will never achieve it.  If your inner game is telling you that someone like you will never have a lot of money then you will never have a lot of money.  You must change that inner belief that you are a person that can have a lot of money.  It is impossible to achieve any level of mastery or satisfaction in anything in your life without 1st developing some degree of belief and attitude that you can achieve it.

Let me give you an example of what I mean here. Let’s say you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck. You would like to earn enough money each year to be comfortable. So you set out on how to make more money. You decide to try and make money online like a lot of people do today.

You start to make some money but it seems like every time you start to get ahead and make some good money, something happens and you can never break through that ceiling. You always seem to get to a certain level and things come crashing down. Why is that? What is holding you back from breaking through?

It could be your inner belief that lies in your subconscious mind about your relationship with money. You could have a belief that someone like you will never have a lot of money. This belief conflicts with what you want which is a lot of money. Your inner belief will sabotage any efforts once you reach a certain level because that is not the person you believe you are inside. You are this struggling broke person who will never have a lot of money. This happens to people all the time.

You start gaining these beliefs as a child as you might hear your parents say things like money does not grow on trees, we can’t afford that, people like us don’t have money, people with money treat others like dirt, etc. By hearing these things this starts our belief system as it relates to us about money. Unless you change that belief you will continue to struggle and not reach your goals.

How to change your inner game.

I work with clients all the time on changing their inner game.  There are many processes that I take clients through in changing their habits, beliefs, and attitudes on the issue that they are having in their life.  This is not just a onetime thing but a lifelong endeavor.  The 1st thing that I have clients do is to watch their self talk.  If you are constantly saying things to yourself like I cannot do this, people like me do not have money, I will never be able to afford that, nothing seems to go my way, etc. then you need to change those types of thoughts and self talk.

Start by affirming what you want not what you don’t want. There are several processes I take clients through to do this but the 1st thing to do is become aware of your self talk.  Then stop yourself immediately and state the exact thing that you want.  This alone will start to change your beliefs about the issue that you are having or the thing that is holding you back.

Your inner game will either keep you stuck where you are or help you create any amount of success in your life that you want.

By having a strong inner game you can achieve and attain anything you want in your life.  To see how you can change your unwanted habits and creating the inner game that you want, click here to set up a complimentary consultation and discovery session.