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Take Time to Enjoy the Peace

This was taken from Kelly Lewis who I think is a great Law of Attraction coach. Check her out at Kelly Lewis coaching.

How often 2012 12 21 Enjoy the Peace 300x220 Enjoy the Peacedo you take the time to enjoy a peaceful moment? In this fast-paced world, even  when we’re not working, we’re busy entertaining or being entertained, socializing,  exercising, cleaning, driving, shopping, and taking care of our homes and families.

So when was the last time you spent a quiet moment just doing nothing — simply sitting and  gazing out the window, watching the rain splashing down, or the snow gently falling, or the  wind blowing through the trees? Or watching waves rippling on a pond, a flickering candle,  or children playing joyfully in the park? When was the last time you didn’t have something  scheduled, when you could just sit and relax, and simply BE, until you were ready to move on?

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The Ice Bucket Challenge

Everywhere you look on television, and social media, people are taking the ice bucket challenge for ALS. Every one is jumping on the bandwagon for this one. I do love that it is for a very worthy cause. I would like to use this opportunity to give you additional thoughts on this ice bucket phenomenon.

With a lot of people putting so much energy and thought into taking this challenge, and also challenging other people, what about if we put as much energy and thought into other things in our lives. It seems like almost everyone wants to be included in on this and are willing to show the world through social media that we support this. I know a lot of people are just probably following the lead of someone else. In doing this. Just because they were challenged. Read More…

What’s holding you back from taking action toward your desires?

For many, it’s a fear of rejection. Imagine the level of success you could create if you were to transform that fear into the power of focus and commitment. A lot of times, when you question the fear, you’ll find it has no substance. Ask yourself, What’s the worst that could happen if I’m rejected? Usually, the answer is that you might hear someone say “no.” Is that really such a big deal? Does it change your value?

There’s nothing that anyone can do, say, or think to lessen your value. You have incredible value simply because you are here on this planet. And you can decide how much you align yourself with that truth. It is impossible for anyone to reject you unless you are rejecting yourself. Because remember, your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. Others are just mirroring back to you the way you feel about yourself. Read More…

How do You Think About Adversity?

Let me ask you a question. What comes to mind when you think about adversity when it appears in your life? Most people think about struggle or hardship or some kind of difficulty. Remember, that is always more than one perspective on any issue. When I coach clients on adversity in their life I always tell them to choose the perspective that feels the best. In the Law of Attraction the better you feel then the higher the vibration you are putting out. If you are vibrating on a higher level then you are becoming more magnetic to attracting more abundance, prosperity, love, health or anything else that you desire. Read More…

Things I Learned from Hip Replacement Surgery

I recently had a hip replacement. My pain was at a level that I could not tolerate any longer and it was affecting my everyday life.So I went ahead and had a total hip replacement.  I would like to share with you now some of the insights that I gained with this surgery.

What I learned through having this surgery is to focus in on the results that you want.  This is the same thing I teach my clients.  I teach my clients about focusing their thoughts on what they want and not on what they do not want.  So I focused on my desired result to regain my mobility quickly and the pain will diminish rapidly.  I just focused in an adjusted my attitude to one that will support my desired results. Read More…