Journey to Success

   Every journey starts somewhere. It has a beginning and an end. The journey to success is no different, and I believe there are eight distinct phases that we travel through on our way to our desired destination. My intention in sharing these with you is so that you may see where you are on your journey to success, because if you can see where you currently stand, then you will know where to proceed from there.

Phase #1 - I won't do it! The fear of failing can be so strong that we are not even willing to take the risk to try something new or different. If that attitude persists, we may develop a negative and defeated mindset that keeps us stuck.

Phase #2 - I can't do it! If we move from the "I won't do it!" stage, it is common to then move into the "I can't do it!" phase. However, it is still a fear-based position. Rather than being afraid to try something, this is more from the fear of not knowing how to do it. But, if you think about it, we weren't born knowing how to do anything! We had to learn how to do everything we now know how to do. Believe it or not, there was a time when the hugely successful Bill Gates did not even know how to turn on a computer!

Phase #3 - I want to do it! This is where a slight change begins to occur. There is a shift in the attitude that moves past those first two negative phases of I won't and I can't to I want to do it, in spite of my fear of failure and lack of know-how.

A little girl once asked her mother, "Momma, why do flowers grow?" The weary mother replied, "Sweetie, I guess the seed is just tired of being in the dirt and wants to grow out of it." That is the third phase - I want to do it!

Phase #4 - How do I do it? This is where growth begins to take place as you take on the responsibility of learning how to do what it is you want to do. You learn to ask the right questions of those who are already doing it. You find a mentor, go back to school, or read helpful books, doing whatever you can to build your confidence and know-how. This causes you to pick up speed toward your goal and toward success.

Phase #5 - I'll try to do it. Once you have a little knowledge under your belt of how to do something, it causes you to be willing to step out and take a greater chance. You are willing to take the risk, even if failure occurs.

By the way, some would say that we should never say that we will "try" to do something. We either do it, or we don't; there is no "try". And, while I agree with that in principle, it is actually just a play on words. We all are trying every day of our lives. That is part of the learning and growing process. Whether you are trying to learn how to ride a bicycle, drive a car, or get a date with someone, it begins with the "I'll try" attitude. Progress can be made when you are willing to risk, even if you fail.

Phase #6 - I can do it! Confidence now begins to be built in your life. The word "confidence" comes from two Latin words: con, meaning with; and fide, meaning faith. So, with faith you start to move ahead. Faith is not limited to the spiritual realm. We must have faith in our finances, our health, our leaders, and of course, faith in ourselves. When a person has the "can-do" attitude, they can smell success and it will not be long until they taste it.

Phase #7 - I will do it! Now you begin to understand the power of perseverance. You do not easily give up. If you fall down, you get up. If you make a mistake, you learn from it and grow. It is learning to "out suffer" anyone else. It is learning to "stay with the stuff" and do whatever it takes to see the goal accomplished. Success is just around the corner.

Phase #8 - Yes, I did it! The sweet sense of satisfaction sets in as you see what you are able to accomplish. It doesn't matter if the goal is losing weight, writing a book, making money, getting a certain job, finding the love of your life, or a thousand and one other goals or dreams that you have for yourself and your future. Any goal can be accomplished when you have the right attitude and are willing to do the work. And, when you see how you accomplished one goal, you want to set higher ones, bigger ones, and loftier ones. It becomes a way of life.

As I said in the very beginning, if a person knows which phase they have reached in this process, they will know where to go next. I don't know what you are facing today in your personal or professional life, but it would do you well to look through these eight different phases and focus on how to move past where you are currently located.

I find it difficult to jump from Phase 1 to Phase 8 in a single bound. Each phase is different and there is something to be learned from each one. I believe that the eight phases can be experienced over a long period of time, or they can happen in a matter of minutes or hours. The key is to know where you are on your journey and what you need to do to get to your desired end and achieve the success you want. After all, isn't that what life is all about?

Keith Young

Something Powerful You Can Do With Your Past

How many of you have heard that you cannot do anything with your past? I know I have taught that to my clients many times before. Today I am going to tell you that there is something very powerful that you can do with your past.

Maybe something’s happened in your past and to this very day still hangs over you. Maybe it was something foolish that you did when you were younger or maybe it was just a secret situation that no one else knew about except you.

I do believe that most of us have things in our lives that if we could do them over again we would. I know I do. There is something very powerful that you can do with those situations but before I tell you what it is, let me tell you about two things that do not work concerning your past.

The first thing is, you can regret your past. This will cause you to feel guilty and frustrated because of what is happened in your past. Guilt is a gift that keeps on giving. Ask me how I know that? There is absolutely no way for you to go back and undo the past. When you start to live in regret you will be living under a cloud of sorrow and depression.

When you start focusing on things in your past your thoughts start to become things like, “I wish I could do that all over again.” Or maybe, “I wish that had never happened.” You start the, “if only, if only, if only…” Syndrome. Regret will simply take you around in circles and you end up right back to where you started.

The second thing is, you can re-live your past. This could be perhaps even a worse situation. When you try and relive your past, you will then constantly look for ways to undo what is already been done. I know some people were still trying to make amends for something that happened many years ago.

I know some people that are still striving to please a deceased relative hoping to make a past mistake turn out better. If you would stop and think about it, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. When you continually relive your situation, it will always bring you to a dead end. You will end up remaining stuck exactly where you are.

I want to suggest another way that you can handle your past and that is to reframe it. When you stop and reframe your past, you then will be able to look at it and learn from your mistakes. You will be able to learn and grow from what you have experienced in your life.

All of us make mistakes because we are human beings. Stop living with a spirit of regret or trying to relive the past because the best thing you can possibly do is to reframe everything. Start to put things in proper perspective. Maybe your mistakes have been made when you were trying to learn how to do life. You are in a different place in different mindset in that time of your life.

These mistakes could’ve been by accident or may have been deliberate. It doesn’t matter because the deed was done. Now the best thing for you to do is reframe it by saying that what happened did give you a new direction, wisdom and insights for your life.

Think of it this way, things didn’t happen to you, they happened for you! I encourage you to take the time to ask yourself some questions. What really bothers you? What want you from your past Western Mark what thoughts constantly creep into your mind when you are quiet and laying in bed each night or when you are all alone?

Learn how to reframe those thoughts and let them be the road signs that would take your life in a new direction. I personally have learned to do this even though it has been painful. I have allowed my failures to turn into blessings in my life by reframing things that hurt me in the past but now give my life new direction in the present and for the future.

Every single one of us can refrain things in such a way that we will learn from our mistakes and failures in order to become all that we were meant to be. That my friend is the healthy way to see life. It also happens to be the best way to grow in the future. If you would just give this reframing a try I guarantee you this attitude works.

The 4 Stages of Learning

I don’t know if you have ever been introduced to the four stages of learning or not, but they certainly are worth knowing. When you understand each of the four levels, you can determine where you are in the process as it relates to a specific area or project in your own personal life. Let’s review them together.

  1. Unconscious Incompetence– That simply means that you don’t know that you don’t know! When you are not aware that you do not know something, you tend to go through life with a very naïve approach. You often get blindsided. It is painful.

The best example of this is a young child. Those of us, who have had children, one day realized that young children must be watched carefully because they do not know what they do not know. If there is danger or an unexpected problem arises, a child could be at risk very quickly.

If you are totally incompetent in a particular area of life and are also unaware that you are incompetent in that area, you are simply a disaster waiting to happen! The first stage of learning is unconscious incompetence and it is not a very good place to be, but we have all been there at one time or another.

  1. Conscious Incompetence– That is when you begin to be aware that you do not know something. You start to recognize your lack of experience or your lack of knowledge in a particular area or endeavor of life. You recognize the fact that other people seem to know how to do things that you do not seem know how to do. This position puts you in a posture to begin to make progress. You can start learning and growing as you are aware of your incompetence in a particular area.

A good example of this would be teenagers who want to get a driver’s license. They see other people driving a car and they want to drive one too! They immediately become aware of what they do not know. They understand that there are laws and rules that they must learn if they want to get their license. There will be a test to take! And, because it is a burning desire of their hearts to drive, they are willing to learn and practice in their area of incompetence until they can pass the test and get that coveted driver’s license.

  1. Conscious Competence– This is the area where a person realizes that not only can they learn information, but they can also do something with it. They begin to practice and develop their skills. They get good at what they have learned how to do.

An example of this may be someone who can play the piano. They know what it takes to play the piano because they have practiced over and over again. And, the more they practiced, the more competent they become in that skill.

Anyone who is an expert at whatever they are doing has developed conscious competence. They put in the time, effort and energy to learn what it was they wanted to do in order to become more accomplished at doing it.

All of us should have conscious competence in our own particular areas of expertise or whatever vocation we are involved in on a daily basis.

  1. Unconscious Competence– This is when something becomes second nature to us. You no longer have to think about what you are doing. You can do it “in your sleep”.

For instance, this could be as simple as riding a bicycle or driving a car or as complex as flying a plane. But, since you have done it for so many years you just get in and take off. You do not even give it a second thought.

It may also be someone who has been speaking or teaching school or doing secretarial work for 20 or 30 years. They have practiced their skill set until it has become second nature to them. Their planning time is usually cut way back because they know how to do whatever it is they do because they have been doing it so long.

This is the stage where a person makes whatever they are doing look very, very easy to everyone else. I think of a skilled chef who, after years of cooking, can make preparing a delicious meal look very easy. It truly is second nature to them because it has become a natural part of their life.

Truly this is the goal that we should all strive for – to get a place that whatever we do in life it just becomes second nature to us.

I think these four stages of learning are fascinating! I can see how I have been through all four of them in many different areas of life. I can also see how I am still developing in those four areas. I am sure the same is true of you as well.

Please remember that all four of these stages of learning take time. Why not check to see where you think you might be in a particular area at this current time? If you need to grow, feel free to do so! If you want to begin a new area of life, don’t feel badly that you have to start at the bottom of the ladder. It is in taking that first step that you begin to move up the ladder and get to where you want to go.

Keep walking in life and making progress. Just make sure the ladder you are climbing is leaning against the right wall so that you will be satisfied when whatever you are doing becomes second nature to you. In time you will become a blessing and encouragement to all with whom you come in contact.


Keith Young

Monday Manifesting Refresh Your Life Message

We are like magnets--our thoughts pull into us everything we experience. If you want to refresh your life you must

align your thoughts of that which you want. Get rid of old negative, scarcity and lack thoughts that hold you back.

Start creating with intention through thoughts first that of what you want to manifest into your life.

Keith Young

High Performance Coach

Law of Attraction Specialist

How to Raise Your Life Level

Almost every kind of unhappy feeling is the result of mistaking the partial for the whole. What this means is that when we don’t see the whole picture, we are likely to act in a way that is self-defeating. One example of this would be that terrible sinking feeling that comes with learning too late, after you’ve become upset, that things weren’t the way you were so sure they had been. That, in fact, it was you who had misjudged or misunderstood the person or event; and now that you can see the whole situation, there is no reason at all to be angry or sad, anxious or afraid.

How many times have we regretted some thoughtless action on our part once we found out all of the facts? This is what we must do: gather all of the facts. I promise you that everything can be explained. Nothing that happens to you or through you need ever go without your understanding why. You can be self-enlightened instead of self-frightened. You have a choice. This discovery that you can always choose in favour of yourself is real excitement.

You do not have to accept your present life-level. Life-level is what determines whether you sail through this life or sink in it. At present, it may seem to you as if there are times when you don’t have much choice in your own life. I want you to know that this is a lie. This temporary feeling of being trapped is part of your current life-level, where you sincerely feel as though your choices are limited. Again, I want you to know this is simply not true. There is always a choice.

The problem is that most men and women insist upon their choices. You must see this. Your present life-level has been determined by the choices you have already made. Why go back to the same field of choices? You already suspect that it will yield no real harvest of happiness. Go ahead and confirm your suspicion. Nothing bad will happen to you. In fact, only something good can occur once you stop clinging to useless ideas. You could say that your new choice is to stop choosing for yourself from yourself. This is the first necessary step for changing your life-level. Here is something to help you see the wisdom of your new and higher choice.

If your choices so far have left you feeling dissatisfied and incomplete, you must stop blaming your selections and see that the problem lies with the chooser — you! You and what happens to you every day are the reflections of your life-level. We are wrongly led to believe that life makes us into the kind of person we are. The truth is that the kind of person we are, our life-level, makes life what it is for us! This is why nothing can really change for us until we see that our unhappiness isn’t connected with the event, it is the level of it. Let’s look at this a little more deeply.

We believe that we meet events and that those events are good or bad, pleasurable or punishing. In other words, our feelings are the reflections of what happens to us moment to moment. That’s why, while acting from our current life-level, our first choice whenever we feel distressed is always to try and change the condition we blame for making us feel that way. The belief being that by changing our unhappy surroundings we will bring an end to our unhappiness. This has never really worked, and it never really will because the unpleasant or unhappy condition was not the event but your reaction to it.

What does this new knowledge mean to you? Everything! It means:

  1. You can let go of those resentful feelings toward your job, because the treadmill isn’t what you are doing but the way you are thinking.

  2. You can let go of trying to change other people, because you are what is bothering you about them.

  3. You can let go of the fear of unforeseen changes or challenges, because the only thing you really ever have to face is yourself.

Best of all, you can let go of the impossible and unbelievably self-punishing task of thinking that you are responsible for the way the world turns. The only world you are responsible for is your inner-world — the world of your thoughts and feelings, impulses and desires. Your life-level is determined by how clearly you can see into this inner-world. This new kind of seeing is safety and ultimately the root of all self-success, because when you know where not to step, your walk through life is a safe and happy one.

You wouldn’t go over to your neighbour’s kitchen to fix your broken sink. Why try and change your outer world when it is only a reflection of your inner life? Do not try to change the external world. Change your own attitudes and viewpoints. When you change yourself, you change the world as far as you are concerned, for you are your own world. Here is a simple way to say all of this: The inner determines the outer.

This is not as difficult to understand as it may appear at first. Let’s take an example. If a person writing a letter misspells a word, the error starts in his mind, after which it appears on paper. He cannot possibly correct the paper until his mind is corrected first. If he does not clarify his mind, the error must repeat itself on paper endlessly. No doubt you see the parallel here with human problems. People try to correct exterior mistakes instead of correcting the way they think, which leaves them lost, because unknowingly they are still chained to a mistake-making machine. That is why it is so important to understand this lesson. Your discontentment with life is with your understanding — your life-level — not with what your understanding has brought to you. Trying to change your life without first changing your life-level is like trying to convince yourself that a merry-go-round has a destination. If you are tired of going around and around, remember you can get off whenever you choose.

Truthful principles such as these are here to assist you in making this Higher choice by helping you to increase your self-understanding. This elevated understanding in turn raises your life-level. As you raise your life-level, you will see that you have effortlessly raised the way in which you react to every event. Then the whole world begins to slow down for you because you now understand it wasn’t this life that was making you dizzy… it was your thinking.

Keith Young

High Performance coach

Law of Attraction Specialist

Every Master use to be a Disaster!

Do you know someone that is really really good at what they do? Maybe you look at someone who is famous like an actor or singer and it seems like they lead a charmed life. Well regardless of whether they are a famous actor or singer, musician, a doctor or lawyer, a speaker, or any other kind of professional, I will guarantee you one thing. I will guarantee you there was a time when they knew absolutely nothing what they are now and so great at what they are doing.

A lot of times we don’t see the struggles on what it took to get where they are now. We only see who they are now. I will also guarantee you that when they first began their career that they made a lot of mistakes along the way. They stumbled along and probably even made a fool of themselves on more than one occasion. They were learning how to be proficient at what they are currently doing now. Although they now look like a master, they were once a total disaster.

People need to have a starting point if they do not know how to do something. I don’t know if anyone who starts at the end of the process as everyone I know usually starts at the beginning. Think about when a child first learns to ride a bicycle, they do not start by signing up for the Tour de France. A child usually starts by writing a tricycle before they move up to a bike. When they begin to ride a bicycle they usually fall off several times until they get the hang of it and how to balance themselves on this two wheeled vehicle.

I have watched these competitions for bicycles and I am amazed at some of the tricks that these youngsters can pull off. I have seen them do flips and jump off of ramps, dismount in midair and get back on before landing safely on their wheels. I never considered doing something like that when I was kid. I was content when my bicycle would work to get me around the neighborhood.

I remember a quote from zig Ziglar, the famous motivational speaker. He once said, “Anything in life worth doing at all is worth doing poorly—until you can learn how to do a well.”

He use that as an example of how everyone has to start from a place of incompetence until they learn how to be competent. This is called the process of trial and error. Rest assured that whether you are painting a picture, cutting someone’s hair, playing golf, building a house, or any other profession, they had to go through the pain of seeing their work fail miserably time and again until they could get good enough at it to know what they are doing now.

I was once a very high level CNC programmer/machinist for the aerospace industry. I honed my craft to become very proficient at programming and setting up a CNC lathe machine. I remember my boss reprimanding a person about goofing off too much and they pointed to me and said that I do it as well. My boss came back and said that I make it look easy because of the experience that I have and I always get the job done on time. When you become so proficient at what you’re doing now that you make it look easy that other people only see you now and not the struggles you’ve gone through in the past to get to where you are now.

I suggest this week that you look at your career and your life three different set of eyes. Give yourself some slack and realize that you may be in the process of learning how to do what you do better. This is a journey and it is through that process that you will get good and maybe even great at what you are doing.

I bet that when you finally become a master at what you are doing that you would be the first one to stand up and tell people the fact that you were once a disaster at what everyone thinks comes to you so naturally and easily now. You will then be able to encourage others by telling them some of the horror stories and mistakes that you made in your own life as you were developing the skill that shows through so brilliantly now.

Thoughts like this really encourage me and should encourage you as well. They help me to keep trying and giving me hope that my future will be better than the past. Life truly is a journey and we should be learning all that we can as we travel along life’s long road.

You should be striving to become a master at whatever you love to do. Just keep doing it and don’t ever give up or quit. You deserve to be a master of yourself and it just simply takes time and you are then on your way.


Keith Young

High Performance coach

Law of Attraction Specialist

Things Never Stay the Same

A long time ago, 1985 to be exact, I lost my mother. I got divorced in 1986 and my world turned upside down. My grandmother and father were the constants in my life at that time. In 1988 I lost my grandmother in November and my dad in December, 6 weeks apart. My constants were now gone.  They were a constant in my life since I was born obviously. But all that has come to an end. It has taken me a few years to gain some perspective about life and relationships.

All of us have had experiences where parents, brothers and sisters, children, loved ones or friends have gone their separate ways. Sometimes people move away and other times they pass away.

Regardless of what is going on in your life at this moment, it will not remain the same forever. If you are experiencing some good things in your life right now, relish them and enjoy them. Life is made up of great memories with family and friends.

However, you may be going through a difficult time right now. You may be in a job situation that you do not like, or your financial picture may seem very bleak. Just remember, things will not always stay that way. Something will happen to cause a bad situation to get better. You may get a new job opportunity or meet someone who is able to open a door for you that you were not expecting.

When I was going through my divorce, I did not think it would ever end! It seemed as though all I ever did was go to court or see my attorney. Now as I look back on all of that, it actually seems like a brief experience. What was once a difficult experience for me is no longer part of my daily life.

When I think about the fact that things will not always be the same, it helps me to stay balanced as well as “in the moment”. That thought helps me to live in the present. I have come to realize that every day of my life is a unique expression of who I am and what is taking place around me. I want to enjoy it to the fullest. Each day is a day that will exist only once and then it will be gone forever.

The people, events, circumstances and situations currently in your life, whether good or bad, will not last forever. I can assure you, in time, things will change. What you now look at as usual, will one day be unusual and part of the past. What is great for you today will one day come to an end. What is difficult for you right now will one day cease.

Begin today to look at every situation that is taking place in your life as though it will only last for a limited amount of time. Learn what you can from your present set of circumstances and grow in the area in which you are now planted.

It works for me and I am sure it will work for you as well.

Keith Young

High Performance coach

5 Keys for Exceptional Success


  In the last 5 years that I have been coaching one of the most common issues that people tell me they have is that they feel lost and confused about is what they are doing and where they are going.  After just a couple of sessions I point out that they are usually better off than they realize.  Let me tell you a quick story.

The story involves a businessman was on a trip.  He was driving along for a little while and realized somewhere he had gotten off course and on a road that he did not want to be on.  He was thinking of his upcoming presentation and instead of paying attention to the road he was thinking about his presentation.  After we realized that he was on the wrong road he felt completely lost so we pulled into a gas station.  Yes I know a man asking for directions, hard to believe is it?  He asked an elderly gentleman that was behind the counter for assistance.  The man smiled at him and said," let me ask you a couple of questions.  Do you know where you started your trip from?" "  Of course I do," the man answered.  The man behind the counter then asked," do you know where you will end up?" "  Of course I know that to am doing a presentation there," the man replied.  Then the elderly gentleman behind the counter responded with," well in that case you are not lost you just need some directions."

There is a lot of truth in that story that we can apply to our everyday lives.  Most people know where they began their journey in life and also what we dream about becoming in our life.  Somewhere along the path of your journey of life you got off track.  You may be on a road that you did not intend to travel down and now you feel stuck and lost in a little bit uncomfortable.  You think you are lost but you still know, or at least most people do, where they would like to end up in life and before they retire.  You just no longer know how to get there.  All you really need are some directions and I want to give you 5 things that can get you back on the right path.

  1. Find a mentor - there are many people in your life who are probably older and wiser I have traveled down the road that you would like to take. These people have the experience that you do not and a lot of them would be willing and able to help you along the way.  It is important for you to have people in your life to challenge you and help you stretch.  Finding a good mentor will help you do just that and help you overcome the challenges when you hit those bumps along the way or may steer you clear of those bumps.
  2. Seek advice - find someone out there that is doing what you want to do. By seeking some advice about a possible career or career change or anything that you would like to do, talking with someone that is in that particular field may change your mind about even going into that field or maybe give you some insight on the good, the bad, and the ugly of that business.  They can usually give you some insights that you cannot see from the outside looking in.  It is usually not until you get into something and see all the inner workings of a career that you realize you do not want to deal with some of this.  A good example was a man who was thinking about becoming a dentist.  This man was about to graduate high school that year was seriously thinking about dental school.  After a dental appointment one day he asked if his dentist would have some time to talk with him about it after his appointments.  After the dentist talked with him and to his surprise the dentist told him," you really do not want to do this!  If I had to do this all over again I probably would have chosen something different because right now I spend all day long looking in people's mouths and smelling their bad breath and trying to even get them to pay me at times.  It is really not much fun at all."  So seek out advice on what you are looking to do.
  3. Do not be afraid to make mistakes - much of life is trial and error and when we make a mistake it does not have to be final. Learn from your mistakes and accept it as part of the success process because we should be learning from our mistakes.  A mistake is not the end of the world and mistakes are made by the thousands if not millions every single day.  Without over 1000 failures of his light bulb Edison would not have perfected his invention.  By knowing what will not work it gets us a step closer to what will work.  So do not be afraid to make mistakes.
  4. Seek spiritual guidance - so what do I mean by this? I mean that you should realize that there is one who is greater than yourself who only wants to see you succeed and help guide you and help you through life.  Everyone's life is not an accident and you are not some generality wandering around in some meaningless universe just wasting time.  You are very unique and quite special.  You are really being guided whether you believe it or not.  Some people believe that they have gotten where they are by a set of lucky circumstances or coincidence.  Someone once said that a coincidence is one God is at work and chooses to remain behind the scenes and anonymous.  I truly believe that.
  5. Recognize that it is never too late - I just saw on TV a 90-year-old lady did her college degree. There are stories throughout history like Col. Sanders and Kentucky fried chicken who started when he was 65 years old.  Grandma Moses was late in her life when she started painting.  The list goes on and on.  Their attitude was a key ingredient to their success.  We never know how much time we have here on this earth so if you have a dream you should be going after no matter what age you are.

So those are 5 simple yet extraordinary tips to give you exceptional success.  These 5 tips will help you stay on your journey and give you direction so that you may end up at your desired destination.  Stay on the right path and use these tips to experience the success that you want and deserve in your life.

Keith Young

If you are green you are still growing but if you are ripe then you are rotting!

Do you like Chick-fil-A restaurants? I do love the food there in their service is always very fast and they are always friendly and courteous. I believe that Chick-fil-A has raised the bar for all fast food restaurants to have a better product and more quality food and to do a better job.

As I was waiting in line to order one day I saw the owner behind the counter and someone asked him how he was doing. His answer took me by surprise as he said, “I’m doing great as I am green.” That answer took me a little by surprised and didn’t know if he was sick or he didn’t know what he was doing in a certain situation.

It must have taken the man who asked the question by surprise to as he looked puzzled and asked him you are green? The owner answered yes. He expanded on his answer by saying, “if you are green then you are growing but if you are ripe then you are rotting.” I thought about this answer for a little while after getting my meal and it began to make sense to me.

I believe that what he was referring to is being green is that you are in the process of learning, developing and growing and becoming all that you can be in your career in your personal life. However, if a person gets to the place of feeling as though they have arrived then they stop growing and feel they do not need to learn anything else and that they are fully ripe and mature. Once you reach that stage just like any fruit you begin to rot after that.

We are all on a journey and none of us knows everything. Even the wisest teacher or business person or the wisest dentist or physician will tell you that they are in a constant state of learning. I am thankful of the mentors in my life who taught me the value of staying hungry to continue to grow in every area of my life.

I do believe that it is important that we all should mature to the place that we are proficient in our own particular area of expertise in our life. Wisdom and maturity comes with age, with hard work and learning some tough lessons in life. Now I am not suggesting that you stay immature your whole life but suggesting that you maintain an attitude of greenness that will help with the desire to continue to grow. It is very very important that you stay in the ongoing ripening process. It is when you think you have come to the end of that journey that the writing process will start.

I would like to summarize with three thoughts. First thought it is good to have an attitude that you are green and still learning because that will cause you to grow.

Second, it is important that you continue to ripen and develop some maturity while still maintaining a desire to grow, learn and become better at whatever you do. And finally third, be very careful not to have that “know – it – all” attitude and the feeling of having arrived at your destination. That is when the beginning of the writing process starts and you will get yourself and maybe others into trouble.

I hope you have a new appreciation for the process that good fruit and good people go through each and every day. Now it’s time for lunch at Chick-fil-A.

Keith Young

Life Performance Coach

Where are you habits leading you?

Our habits causes the results we have in our life. Habits are hard to change but not as hard as most people think. I ran across this article by Jack Canfield and he puts habits into perspective. Read the article and and make a decision which new positive habits you want to create each year. Enjoy.


You are an accumulation of your habits. From how you get out of bed, how you shower, how you dress, how you walk, sit, and talk, how you respond to the world, how you act in front of others, and how you think; you are living out your habits.

Habits are necessary. They free up your mind so you can concentrate on how to survive day to day. You don't have to think about how to drive your car so you can be on the lookout for danger while you are driving. You don't have to think about how to walk so you can concentrate on where you're going.

Unfortunately, habits can also keep you locked in self-destructive patterns, which will limit your success. To become successful, you will need to drop bad habits and develop new ones that are in line with the life you want to live.

People don't suddenly appear in the life they want to live, habits determine their outcome!

What are the habits you have that are keeping you from achieving your goals? Really be honest with yourself here. Are you always running late? Do you return phone calls within 24 hours? Do you get enough sleep? Do you follow through on your promises? Do you plan out your day?

Imagine what your life would be like if all those habits were their productive counterparts.

What would your life be like if you ate healthy meals, exercised and got enough sleep? What if you saved money, stopped using credit cards and paid cash for everything? What if you stopped procrastinating, overcame your fears, and began networking with people in your field? Would your life be different? I bet it would!

So, my suggested action step for you is to write down some productive habits you could adopt and visualize in your life. Step two is to 'act as if' you were living these new habits right now!

I'd like to help you get moving toward creating more successful habits, so I'd recommend you develop four of your new success habits each year, one for each quarter.

Once you pick the new habit you're ready to adopt, next you'll want to create a method that will support your new habit.

Here are some ideas: You could write it down on a card that you keep with you and read several times a day. You could make it a part of your daily visualization. You could also enlist the help of an accountability partner who has habits to change.

It's important to make a 100% commitment to your new habit, so be specific about the steps that you're willing to take in order to drop an old habit and adopt a new one. Don't be vague about how you will change your habits. Spell it out for yourself so you can recognize situations that motivate you to act out your new habit.

Just developing four new habits a year will dramatically shift your life to be more in line with your vision. And the more in line it becomes, the easier the other habits are to replace because your perspective is shifting and you can see more clearly how your old habits aren't serving you anymore.

Make the decision. Make the commitment. Then watch your new, positive life unfold