Do vision and dream boards really work?

Most people have heard of a dream or vision board.  There have been a lot of teachings on why to have a vision or dream board and also on how to construct a dream board.  I personally do have some issues on the way a vision or dream board has been taught and also the name of it.  I do believe in the concept and have used it myself and continue to use it to this very day.

1st let me address the problems that I have with vision and dream boards.  So if you think on how having a vision or dream board has been taught over the years you will see why most dream and vision boards do not work for most people.  It has been taught to put things on your vision and dream board such as expensive cars, luxury houses, expensive vacations, the luxury boats, money, etc. Read More...

Eliminating Worry

Worry is one of the most worthless emotions.  Worrying does not solve your problem. Worrying about something only adds more stress to our already stressful lives. Now I am not saying that we shouldn't be concerned over certain situations in our lives.  We should be concerned about every area of our lives and make a plan to move forward in every area as well.

Challenges will come up in everyone’s life.  It is how we handle these challenges that will make or break us.  Our natural tendency is to worry when some challenges rears its ugly head.  We worry when things are out of our control.  We need to face that and stop the worrying when we cannot control things.  Look for the things we can control and then put your focus on that and solving your challenge.  Read More...

Cancel-Cut-Switch and Slash: Time to Let it Go

Here at Inner Game Magic we're just not big fans of the term "cut back." Well, it kind of sounds like it's going to hurt, doesn't it?

Instead, we much prefer that you "let go of what's not serving you." Ahhhh. Doesn't that sound nice? And it is.

Let's face it. We're all holding on to things that aren't moving us forward. They might even be weighing us down. You know what things we mean. The size "whatever" pants in your closet that you haven't fit into in years. Golf clubs that never made it to a course. A gym membership you've rarely used. Or that food dehydrator you ordered online. (Yeah, that was an awesome pick.

If you're like most people there are more than a few things that will immediately jump to your mind. When they do, jot them down in your notebook. Or, better yet ... gather them up and set them aside. (They'll come in handy on another day this week!)


5 Easy Steps to Having a Successful Week

package3Do you plan out your week or just let it happen and hope for the best?  If you are planning your week, do you plan on having a successful week? If you are not planning your week or not planning on having a successful week and  just letting whatever happens happen, then you are creating by default. You are letting the universe and other people and circumstances take control of your week and life.  You want to become a deliberate creator but that is a topic for another day.  Read More...

How You Think About Money

There is not many people that realize how they think about money determines how much money they will usually have. Your attitude toward money will affect your motivation to achieve financial success and also affects your emotions. Let’s look at this first.

When do you Think About Money?
When do you think about money?  Usually when you don’t have enough or struggling to pay bills. Money is called a deficiency need in psychology. What this means is that it will only motivate you when you feel you don’t have enough of it. On another level when you feel you have enough it no longer will motivate you. So it is when people don’t have enough money that we find they think about it the most.


Creating Wealth & the Law of Attraction

     Can you create wealth by using the Law of Attraction?  First you have to believe and know that the Law of Attraction will work for you. Most everyone has heard of the Law of Attraction but the fact is most people don’t really believe in it or the ones that do don’t really understand how to use it. I for one believe in the universal laws and that includes the Law of Attraction.  Let’s take a look at the Law of Attraction and how it really works.

   The Law of Attraction, to put it simply, is you get what you think about.  This is where what I call the magic money mindset comes in as well.  If you have a scarcity mindset then you will attract more scarcity.  That is do you say to yourself things like, “if only I had the money for that” or “I can’t afford that.” Maybe you think things like, “the only way I will ever have a lot of money is if I win the lottery.” Do you see how that is a scarcity mindset?  You are constantly focusing on the lack of.  If you focus on the lack of you will attract more lack or scarcity.

   Now on the other hand rich people and wealthy people have an abundance and prosperity mindset. That is they know for a fact that they will have a lot of money and money will come to them easily. They see themselves as wealthy and rich.  Even if they lost it all they know they will make it back again and then some.  It seems like they are a money magnet. You probably know people like that as it seems like no matter what they attract money and money just flows to them.

   The reason is because they have that magic money mindset.  They attract more of what they think about. They have that success mindset and that money comes to them easily and often.  That is the kind of mindset you need in order to attract more money.

  The Law of Attraction works.  It is part of the Universal Laws that we can’t really explain. Let me give you an example of the Law of Attraction. 

  Let’s say you have been driving a Ford Explorer for years. Every time you are on the road there is a lot of cars but it seems like Ford Explorers stand out and you notice them more.  That is because your subconscious mind is set to Ford Explorer. This part of your subconscious  and is called the reticular cortex.  Its job is to notice what you have set your mindset to.

   Now you decide to go more economical and buy a Toyota Corolla.  Within a few days you notice how many Corolla’s there are on the road. Why is that?  They were always there.  You just didn’t notice them because your mindset, your reticular cortex, your Law of Attraction was set to a Ford Explorer.  Now that you are a Corolla person you have a different mindset which sets your reticular differently and now your attracted to the Corolla’s.

   That is why having an abundance and prosperity mindset, that magic money mindset is so important.  If you set your reticular to abundance and prosperity and having money rather than scarcity then you will start to see money opportunities out there that were there all the time but your reticular was set to the lack of or scarcity. That is how the Law of Attraction works.

   So what kind of money mindset do you have? You may have reset your mindset to reset your reticular if you want to start to attract more money into your life.


Keith Young


Actions and Attributes of Leaders

An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep every time. Are you a lion or a sheep. Just what is it that makes a leader different from others? Most people do not consider themselves leaders. They have a misconception of what a leader is. Most people, in my opinion, fear making a decision about something.  They may feel a fear of making a mistake about making a decision and will not take a risk.

True leaders have attributes that stand out from others. Below is a list of actions and attributes that make leaders different from others. Go through the list and ask yourself if you are a lion or a sheep. Ask yourself which do you want to be? The choice is always yours. Read More...

Getting Clear on Your Life

Well fall is here and it was been quite a summer here in Phoenix. I have really spent a lot of time in reflection of my life, what I want in my future, and how I want to show up. I completed my year long class and am now a certified Law of Attraction coach. What a journey it was.

This summer was filled with ups and downs but, that is life isn’t it? I was reading an article about getting clear on what you want in life. So I asked the questions "Who is Keith Young?" That one question got me digging so deeply into who I am, my past, and what I have intended to create in my future. Read More...

The Power of Choice

The greatest power a person can possess is the power to choose. I hear people complain all the time about how bad their life is or how they wish they could change their life or they are not living their ideal life. If you are not living your ideal life and want more out of life then change it. You have that choice.

When you have a choice mindset rather than a have to mindset it empowers you. You look at things differently if you know you have a choice in the matter. When you feel like you have to do something you are more apt not to do it as it feels like a chore. If something feels like a chore we really don’t feel like doing it. It is a struggle to get excited about doing it. Read More...

Top 10 Ways to Start Living Your Life

My coach sent me this I think this is a great short read. This holds a lot of truth to it. Enjoy.

Everyone Gets the Same 24 Hours

“I need to get a life.”
I want to start a new life.”
“Tell me the how to happiness.”

You don’t need to get a life, you’ve already got one.

Life — it’s what we do between the time we get here and when we go. We only get one, and despite what other folks might suppose, it’s ours to determine what to do with it.

We don’t measure life in hours and minutes. We measure life in memories and moments.

What do you think of when you read this sentence? Read More...