The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

This is an excerpt from an article written by Greg McKeown | 10:00 AM August 8, 2012. I usually don't post things from others but I feel this is very good and you should check out Greg McKeown for more articles as well.

Why don't successful people and organizations automatically become very successful? One important explanation is due to what I call "the clarity paradox," which can be summed up in four predictable phases:

Phase 1: When we really have clarity of purpose, it leads to success.
Phase 2: When we have success, it leads to more options and opportunities.
Phase 3: When we have increased options and opportunities, it leads to diffused efforts.
Phase 4: Diffused efforts undermine the very clarity that led to our success in the first place.

Curiously, and overstating the point in order to make it, success is a catalyst for failure. Read More...

The Law of Abundance

There are many universal laws that affect our daily lives.  The most powerful of these universal laws is the law ofattraction but today I want to cover the law of abundance.  The law of abundance says there is ample money for everyone who knows how to acquire it and keep it.  Abundance is not only money but you can have an abundance of love, joy, prosperity, and everything else that affects your life.  We live in an abundant universe where there is enough for all who really want to are willing to obey the laws governing the universe.

I would like to cover money in this article.  There is plenty of money available to everyone.  There is no real shortage of money.  There is a shortage if you think there is a shortage.  You can have all you really want and need.  We are surrounded by a generous universe and there is blessings and opportunities to acquire all that we truly desire.  It is your attitude of either abundance or scarcity toward money that will have a huge impact on whether you become wealthy or not. Read More...

Do You Have an Olympian Mindset

Have you been watching the Olympics? I have been watching them and as I was sitting there watching them I noticed something.  All of these athletes gave it their all. They didn't go out there with losing in mind. Even if they were not the favorite to win they knew if they gave a performance of a lifetime they had a chance to stand on the podium and get a silver or bronze medal. They went in with one thing in mind and that was to do their very best. No matter if they were nervous, had fears, didn't feel 100%, just saw another athlete have a great performance, they went out there and gave it everything they had. They had an Olympian Mindset.  Read More...

The Power of Choice

 The greatest power a person can possess is the power to choose. I hear people complain all the time about how bad their life is or how they wish they could change their life or they are not living their ideal life. If you are not living your ideal life and want more out of life then change it. You have that choice.

When you have a choice mindset rather than a have to mindset it empowers you. You look at things differently if you know you have a choice in the matter. When you feel like you have to do something you are more apt not to do it as it feels like a chore. If something feels like a chore we really don’t feel like doing it. It is a struggle to get excited about doing it. Read More...

Do Your Internal Beliefs Empower You or Limit You?

Let me ask you a question. If you were to wake up one day and find out that something that you believed to be true for years, simply was not true at all. It was completely false, a big lie. Not even close to what you believed to be the truth at all. How would you feel about it?

Would you feel betrayed, angry, confused, stupid, an idiot? Maybe a little bit of each of those?

Some of us hold on to beliefs that do not support what we want in order to avoid those feelings of above. Think about having to unlearn a belief that we believed to be true for years. Now that would be an emotional and mental challenge, wouldn’t it? Read More...

Focus and relax visualization exercise

Preparation: choose a time that you will be undisturbed for at least 15 minutes.  You want to create a soothing environment around you.  You can play some calling and soothing music if that helps.  I also suggest that you hold something in your hand such as a favorite small object.  This can be a piece of jewelry, a small token that means a lot to you, or in my case a crystal.



  1. you should find a comfortable sitting position.  You can lay down on your bed if you choose to that I do not like this because I would have a tendency of relaxing too much and falling asleep.  I choose to do this in a sitting position with my hands and feet uncrossed.  You want to hold this position easily for 10 to 15 minutes.  Your spine should be straight to allow a good energy flow through your entire body.  Then close your eyes and begin breathing very slowly and calmly.  Long deep breaths are preferred. Read More...

TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED THE 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s!

1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!


First, we survived being born to mothers
Who smoked and/or drank while they were


5 Keys for Exceptional Success

  In the last 5 years that I have been coaching one of the most common issues that people tell me they have is that they feel lost and confused about what they are doing and where they are going.  After just a couple of sessions I point out that they are usually better off than they realize.  Let me tell you a quick story.

The story involves a businessman was on a trip.  He was driving along for a little while and realized somewhere he had gotten off course and on a road that he did not want to be on.  He was thinking of his upcoming presentation and instead of paying attention to the road he was thinking about his presentation.  After we realized that he was on the wrong road he felt completely lost so we pulled into a gas station.  Yes I know a man asking for directions, hard to believe is it?  He asked an elderly gentleman that was behind the counter for assistance.  The man smiled at him and said," let me ask you a couple of questions.  Do you know where you started your trip from?" "  Of course I do," the man answered.  The man behind the counter then asked," do you know where you will end up?" "  Of course I know that to am doing a presentation there," the man replied.  Then the elderly gentleman behind the counter responded with," well in that case you are not lost you just need some directions." Read More...

Opening Yourself to Your Life’s Purpose

 One big question a lot of people ask them self is "What should I do with my life?" This is difficult to answer for most people. Here are some simple suggestions from people who have successfully answered this question and are now living the life of their dreams.  You are meant to have an impact on this world. Pursue your dreams and be fearless. Most people will give up before they even try because they are programmed that they should just get a job and be happy. I am here to tell you that is crap. If you can dream it you can achieve it. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and pursue your passion. If you don't you will wake up one day when you are 7o and say I wish I would have tried to do that. Do not let that happen to you. Go for it now!

  1. Listen to your inner voice. It takes practice to hear your true desires. Your passion will often come as a whisper or serendipitous event that reminds you of what's important and what makes you happy. Read More...

Accepting yourself unconditionally

 I have a question for you.  On the issue of self acceptance do you know that it begins in infancy?  It begins with the influence 1st of all with our parents and siblings and also other important people in our life.

Our own level of self acceptance is largely determined by how well that we feel we are accepted by the important people in our own life.

Did you know that your attitude about yourself is largely determined by the attitudes that you think other people have toward yourself.  If you think that other people think highly of you, then you are level of self acceptance and self-esteem goes through the roof.

Now the best way you can build up your own personality so that it is healthy 1st involves understanding yourself and your feelings.

We want to let the sun shine into our lives.  For this to happen, you should do a simple self disclosure exercise.  This may not be a simple as it seems.  You do want to truly understand yourself because a lot of us are troubled by the things that may have happened in our past.  In order for you to achieve letting the sunshine into our lives you must be able to completely disclose yourself to at least one person.  We all carry baggage and for you to move past this you must be able to get this off your chest to completely free yourself.  You want to rid yourself of those guilty thoughts and feelings or regretful feelings to someone who will not make you feel guilty or ashamed for what is happened in the past.