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3 Steps to Manifesting Your Own Miracles

Here’s how you can crack the money code, lose weight and anything else you desire.  The secret to manifestation is easier than you think… in fact, how it works is very similar to navigation systems you find in cars today.

Let me explain (understanding is an important key to manifestation). The whole process happens like this.

First, you tell the website the navigation system of your starting point.

The second thing you tell it is… your end result.

And the navigation system takes it from there. In a split second, the system calculates every possible road you could travel on. Takes into account every merging lane, speed limits and returns you the shortest, quickest, most harmonious way for you to get there.

The navigation system THEN literally speaks through your car’s stereo players to guide you through the route, telling you when to turn left or right UNTIL YOU ARRIVE!

SIMILARLY, this is how the Universe works when you give the Universe a clear end result of what you want in life. The Universe then instantly knows the entire sequence of events necessary to get you from where you are today to the manifestation of this end result. And this sequence will begin to play itself out once you start moving.

3 Steps to Manifesting Your Own Miracles

The process of manifestation is similar to how a navigation system works… here are the 4 steps on how to do it.

Step 1: Possess a clear end result

The first critical ingredient is to possess a crystal clear end result in your mind’s eye. As miraculously as the direction finder of the navigation system, it can’t help you until you first tell it where you want to go.

Clarity of what you want in life, especially when it comes to manifesting change is priceless!

Step 2: Move in the general direction of your dreams

Next, you must PHYSICALLY move in the general direction of what you want to ever see them come true. It’s not enough to just have a navigation system, give it an end result, sit there and hope your dreams fall into your hands.

If this is all you do, your car won’t move one inch. Your navigation system, no matter how miraculously and powerful it is, will do nothing for you in your life! Instead, you have to physically put your car in gear and physically move! 

Step 3: Trust the system

Every single day, as you physically move in the general direction, you’re getting closer to your dreams. Once you plant the end result with the Universe and begin moving with it, gigantic wheels are set into motion for you behind the curtains of time and space.

It always works. Trust the system.

Here’s what I want you to do next…

ACTION PLAN: Take the next 10-15 minutes and write it down on a piece of 3×5 paper… what is that ONE THING you want in life that you absolutely MUST have. Be as specific and focused as possible. Remind yourself daily by reading your goal at least once each day. (I keep mine in my wallet and I read it at least 5-10 times each day)

If you follow the above advice, I promise you that there will be opportunities that present itself over the course of your life that you can act upon to reach your dreams.

When those moments arrive, make sure you take ACTION!

Keith Young

Your Law of Attraction Specialist

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