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5 Things to Change Your Life

Most people want to change their life but do not know how or even where to begin.  A good life coach can help you with this as well as they have processes you can  go through and can see things you can’t. So until you hire a good life coach here is 5 easy steps you can do to get your started and get you thinking.

1. VISION – you MUST have a clear vision of how you want your life to be. This is where most people miss it. Without a vision you WILL perish, you will never achieve your dreams & goals. Get REALLY clear on every aspect of your life; write it out in present tense and in vivid detail. Write and Speak only in terms of your new life.

2. PURPOSE – Why do you want it? How does your new life feel? Who is proud of you?

3. FAITH – Knowing that it is already yours! “When you pray, pray believing that it already is yours, and it WILL be yours.” – Mark 11:24 Again, never speak about what you don’t want or complain about you ‘lot in life’ – ONLY speak about what is yours to come but as if you already have it!

4. GRATITUDE – Gratitude moves us closer to the source. Give ALL the glory to God as He gives all things to you, even your very breath. James said even be grateful for your challenges because mixed with faith it creates in us endurance and patience! (James 1:2-4) Speaking gratitude always increases our faith – if ever you find yourself lacking faith speak out loud what you are grateful for, especially your new life.

5. ACTION – You have probably heard it before … Faith without works is dead! Many people watch The Secret and then think all they have to do is sit at the kitchen table and hum, or buy a lotto ticket and they will be blessed with truckloads of money. It ain’t gunna happen!! We must ‘ACT in accordance to our Faith.’ Jesus said “I only do what my father does.

So there you have it. 5 east steps to get started to having the life you want to have. Stay tuned and check back for more tips soon.

Coach Keith Young


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