"Who Wants to Learn How to Magnetize Their Desires

to Receive More Abundance, Prosperity and Happiness in Their Lives?"

Then Use It To Achieve Their Goals, Have More Money, and Have More Confidence in Themselves to Achieve Anything They Want ...
Without Having to Wait for Years to Have it All!


Most people really do not know how to manifest what they want in their lives so they accept a living a life of mediocrity and they settle for less in their lives. Life wasn't meant to be lived in mediocrity but full of abundance, prosperity, joy and happiness.

People settle for less in their lives similar to settling out of court. When you settle out of court you are settling for less because you have doubts about getting the full amount of what you want and deserve. I have seen this in many peoples lives and even in my own life early on.

Life is hard and throws us some wicked curve balls at times but that doesn't mean you have to settle for less in your lives. People just do not know how to get what they want in life. Everyone wants to have a better life. No one wants stress and anxiety in their life. People do not want to live from paycheck to paycheck. But the reality is a lot of people do and that is because they have settled for less in their life.

They settle for living a life of mediocrity because life has beat them up and they do not know any different or how to live a better life. They feel trapped in mediocrity and accept that this is how the rest of their life is going to be so let's make the most of it. They think only the rich or wealthy can enjoy a life of abundance and prosperity. They seem to have lost hope for a better life. Does this sound familiar?


What if I told you there is a way to climb out of mediocrity and that you don't have to settle for less...that you can have all that you want in your life if you are willing to put in the work and turn your doubt into belief. It does take some work on your part and I do not mean physical work. It takes turning your doubts into belief. Belief that you also can have what you want and have abundance and prosperity. It takes turning your mindset into one that works for you and not against you.

8 Step Personal Empowerment Manifesting Program

This is a 4 week program with 8 steps to it as it will cover 2 steps per week. It helps you reprogram your mind at a cellular level. It will help create a new vision of who you are and what you want in your life. It will help create rapid changes in your life. It will show you how to release fears and create a mindset of success and how you will feel like you can accomplish anything in your life. Here is the outline of the program...

Week 1:
How to Magnetize What You Desire

You will learn in Step 1 how to turn on your money magnet and how to become a magnet for anything that you desire.

We will cover how to magnetize yourself to turn on your money magnet to draw in more abundance in your life. We will go through a magnetizing meditation that will start the reprogramming process at the cellular level to eliminating any self-limiting beliefs that you have. 


Then Step 2 we will be awakening your Prosperity Self and you will talk to a part of you that creates your prosperity. This is one of your subpersonalities. We go through a meditation so you can give yourself a new vision of who you are and what you want in your life. This technique creates rapid changes in your reality. 

Week 2:
Abundance and Clearing Out Old Beliefs

we will be learning in Step 3 about abundance and how you can have anything you want such as more love, success, money, health, etc. This meditation will help you open up to unlimited joy and prosperity and you will learn to receive and believe that you deserve this in your life. It will help you increase your trust in the universe and yourself. 


Then in Step 4 we will work on create a success mindset and release any fears in your life such as the fear of failure. This meditation will push you beyond previous limits and allow yourself to create your dreams and become more confident in yourself and create the feeling of success. 


Week 3:
Creating Success and Cleaning Your Energy Fields and Aura

Step 5 we will start to clear out old beliefs and old programs that no longer serve you. When you change your beliefs your life will change quickly. Your new beliefs will create your new reality. This powerful life-changing process will release those old beliefs about yourself that are not working and establish new  ones that will help create the life you truly want. 


Then in Step 6 we will also work on cleaning your aura energy. We will work on the energy fields around your bode to increase your ability to attract abundance and prosperity and more importantly to hold onto it. You will learn how to increase your vibration so you can become more magnetic to everything you want such as more money and people that serve you in this new level. 

Week 4:
Releasing Old Doubts & Fears and Linking You With Your Spiritual Soul Guides

 Step 7 we will be working on linking you with you spiritual soul guides who will assist you in creating money and fulfilling your higher purpose. Meeting and working with your soul which is always abundant will help guide you in the right direction. 


Finally, in Step 8 we will work with releasing old doubts and fears so you can become more powerful and confident to create success in your life. This mediation will help you let go of any fears that may be holding you back from creating the abundance in your life that you want. It will help create that belief in yourself so you have unlimited capacity to create any amount of prosperity that you want. 


Here is Everything You'll Get
With This Program:

  • 4 Week Live Training--2 steps each week
  • Recordings of all 4 week lessons
  • Worksheets for each week

Training Classes will be on Thursdays on these dates:

June 14th

June 21st

June 28th

July 5th

Times of classes will be 6pm PT 9pmET


Bonus Week

As a bonus there will be a 5th week. This session will be a Q&A open session for any questions or issues that you are having from the previous 4 weeks. You can ask any question on this call or bring up any issue you are having so I can give you direction and guidance to get the absolute best from this program. 


Your Price Today:
Just $97

This Program will help create the life you want to be living and help get you out of living a life of mediocrity!

Just like anything else in order for you to maximize the benefits of this program you must implement this into your daily life and actually do the meditations that I will teach you in this program.

There is a saying that goes: "Education, without implementation, is just entertainment." If you do not implement and use the techniques in this program or any program then it is just entertainment.

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