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Creating Wealth with Mindpower

Can you really create wealth using mindpower? The simple answer is yes you can. It does take discipline and belief though. Our minds are powerful tools and most people do not know how to use them or use them to the extent that will make a difference.  Most people look at how to get rich quick schemes or ways to make money fast rather than actually using their mind and create wealth to achieve financial freedom.

I suggest you learn how to create wealth rather than just how to make more money. Anyone can make more money. Stop the how to get rich quick mentality. Start thinking about creating wealth and becoming debt free.  This is a process and processes take time but they last a lifetime.

So how can you use your mind to create more wealth? First you need clarity on what you actually want. That means setting goals. Financial goals. Once you have clarity then you need a plan. It doesn’t have to start out as a detailed plan. Now here is where you mind comes in.

Once you have a clear goal it will set your subconscious mind to work on looking for opportunities to fulfill that goal.  It activates your reticular cortex of the brain and it is called your reticular activating system. The subconscious mind will only act when something specific is given to act on.

We operate 90-95% of the time on our internal programming. We are programmed from an early age in everything we do including our money beliefs. We have a money story that has been written and programmed into our subconscious throughout the years. Think about driving a car. You don’t have to consciously think about driving a car anymore. You have been programmed to just drive it. Most of the time you don’t remember how you got to your destination you just remember getting there. That is because your internal programming was running the show. It is operating on your programming of driving a car. Your eye sees a red light it automatically sends a signal to your leg to move and step on the brake.

It is the same thing with money. We are programmed to have a scarcity mindset or an abundance and prosperity mindset. If you struggle to pay your bills each month or are deeply in debt or just comfortable but you know you will never be wealthy, then you probably have a scarcity mindset. Most wealthy people have an abundance and prosperity mindset. They know they will make a lot of money and even if they lose it all they know they can become wealthy again.

So what do you have? Do you have an abundance and prosperity mindset or scarcity mindset? Do you see yourself becoming wealthy? Do you have thoughts of people like me never have money or it takes money to make money or rich people are evil?  Then if you want to have more money in your life you have to change your money mindset.  Your mindpower can change your bank account. Take action today to get a magic money mindset.

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Keith Young

Performance & Accountability coach



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