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Do vision and dream boards really work?

Most people have heard of a dream or vision board.  There have been a lot of teachings on why to have a vision or dream board and also on how to construct a dream board.  I personally do have some issues on the way a vision or dream board has been taught and also the name of it.  I do believe in the concept and have used it myself and continue to use it to this very day.

1st let me address the problems that I have with vision and dream boards.  So if you think on how having a vision or dream board has been taught over the years you will see why most dream and vision boards do not work for most people.  It has been taught to put things on your vision and dream board such as expensive cars, luxury houses, expensive vacations, the luxury boats, money, etc.

so you are probably asking yourself at this point that is correct but what is wrong with that.  What is wrong with that is that our internal beliefs about having those things are not in alignment with actually having them.  There is nothing wrong with wanting in desiring those things but when our subconscious mind relates to having those type of things that are relatively expensive and is usually only a dream and that your subconscious mind and your comfort zone is telling you that you are this person that is constantly broke then you will never achieve having those.  No matter how many of them you post on your dream board you will never have them.

It is called the dream and vision board for a reason.  Most of us associate having dreams with something that you only wish may happen some day but most likely will never happen.  That is because our internal belief about having those expensive things is one of that is more a wish and a want rather than an actual goal for achievement.  If your internal beliefs is one of you will always be in debt and just get by every year because you only make 40 or $50,000 a year and this new Ferrari costs hundred and $160-$200,000, your subconscious mind will not seek out away on how to fulfill that because your belief is that you will never make that kind of money to afford that.  I hope that makes sense.

So unless you change your internal belief and start acting like you can actually afford to buy a car like that or a house that you have always wanted or a boat or anything else that is above what you are currently making, you will never achieve having any of those things no matter how many dream or vision board you put up.

I also do not like the name vision or dream board.  Again just as the name applies having a dream for most of us is just like setting a New Year’s resolution that we know we will never actually achieve it.  Most of us set New Year’s resolutions because that is what we think we should do but we really know that most New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside in 2 to 3 weeks and are forgotten about.  What you are doing is training your subconscious mind that any time you set some type of goal it should not take it seriously because you never intend on achieving it.  So it is with your vision your dreams is that your subconscious mind knows as it has been trained by you, that this is just some other pipe dream of yours that will never be accomplished.

So what would I call this board you ask?  Well I am glad you asked.  I would call it a manifestation board.  I do believe we can all be deliberate creators of our life.  We are always in a state of creating either by default or deliberately.  The way the law of attraction works is that you will begin to attract and manifest that which you give your focus, attention, and energy to either positive or negative.

So if we want to manifest something into our life we should be specific as to what we want to manifest into our life experience.  That is the reason to have a manifestation board is that you should be putting on your board exactly what you want.

I know what you are thinking as I just told you not to put these luxury cars and dream homes and vacations on your board.  I do not think there is nothing wrong with wanting those but what I am suggesting is to start out smaller and what is relevant today to move you towards those goals.

Let me give you an example.  Let us say that you have never made more than $50,000 in any one year.  So you set a goal of having $1 million next year.  Now it is that goal realistic and relevant for you today?  The answer would be no.  There is nothing wrong with setting a goal of having $1 million but the timeframe is the issue here.  We start out in school in kindergarten.  We start learning some of the basics like ABC’s and numbers and coloring in some of these things to help us get more coordinated and to start the learning process with the basics.  Each year we go up in grade it gets a little harder because now we are ready for the next thing.

By the time we get to high school we can start things like advanced algebra and calculus and geometry and physics and chemistry in more.  That is because we have developed to the point where we can learn more.  Well your vision or dream board or in my case my manifestation board is no different.

Start retraining your subconscious mind where all of our programming is stored to be one of a manifestor.  Train your subconscious mind that when you set a goal you set out to achieve.  You also do not have to even put pictures up there as it could be just post it notes are index cards with what you are wanting to accomplish.  For example, if you are in business maybe you are looking to add new clients.  Write down on an index card what your ideal client is and how many you want in the next month or 60 or 90 days.

Maybe you are looking to lose weight so write down what you want your goal weight to be in the next 30 to 60 days.  Maybe you are looking for your ideal mate.  Write down what that would look like and what he or she would look like and when you would like to meet this person and put that on your manifestation board.

What I like to put on the top of my board is this saying, “whatever is on this board will manifest itself into my physical life experience.”  So when I look at my manifestation board every day I start out by reading that sentence 1st.  What I am doing here is entraining my brain.  That is teaching and programming my subconscious that anything I put on this board will manifest itself physically into my life experience.

I also put my hand in touch each thing I want to manifest.  You do not have to touch them all every single day but just touch one or 2 of them and close your eyes in actually envision yourself that this is actually come true and happened.

I do not have time to go into all the details of why all this works and why you should be doing things this way, but what you are trying to accomplish here is to get your feelings and emotions involved by experiencing that these things you have on this board have already come true.  This get your subconscious working and your reticular activating system working on finding ways to make this happen.

I suggest getting a board naming it a manifestation board and then just try some simple things that you would like to accomplish over the next 30 to 60 days.  Use the process I described above and really start changing those inner beliefs that things on this board will actually manifest themselves.  Maybe start out with something such as an extra one or $200 will manifest itself this month.  Maybe there is something you are wanting and cannot afford right now so put that on the board and start believing that you have already have it.  Just make it something small enough right now to start the training process.

If you need help with setting up your manifestation board please let me know.  You can always go to my website at and request a free breakthrough discovery session.  I hope this is helped you little bit understand the difference between a vision and dream board and a manifestation board and how to use it.

Wishing you all the best,

Keith Young

P.S. please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this article and if it is helped you change your thoughts about a vision or dream board.

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