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Do You Have an Olympian Mindset

Have you been watching the Olympics? I have been watching them and as I was sitting there watching them I noticed something.  All of these athletes gave it their all. They didn’t go out there with losing in mind. Even if they were not the favorite to win they knew if they gave a performance of a lifetime they had a chance to stand on the podium and get a silver or bronze medal. They went in with one thing in mind and that was to do their very best. No matter if they were nervous, had fears, didn’t feel 100%, just saw another athlete have a great performance, they went out there and gave it everything they had. They had an Olympian Mindset. 

That kind of mindset has a lot of benefits. Even if they made some mistakes on their routines or didn’t win they knew they done their best on that particular day. Yes, I saw a lot of disappointed faces out there when things didn’t go right but the experience they gained that day was worth a gold medal. They can take this experience and build on it. The point here is these athletes, many just in their teens, went out there and did something they love to do.  They had the courage to lay it all out on the line and give it everything they have on that particular day. They took the risk or losing but just getting out there and making an Olympic team and performing on a world stage has much reward in itself. Most will not command big endorsements making them millions of dollars like the top performers.  Most will not win a medal.  Just knowing that they put much sacrifice and years of training into this effort is an accomplishment unto itself.

How many people can say they put everything they have into their daily lives? What if you adopted this Olympian Mindset into your daily life? What difference could it make in your life and the lives around you if you gave it everything you have in your job, family, recreation, etc. How many people today are doing what they love to do? I know I am with coaching people and I am extremely grateful for that. If you are not doing what you love to do, what is holding you back?  What if you put everything you have on the live to do what you love to do? What if you had the mindset to go for it and stand on that podium?

Today, people are cautious and somewhat comfortable in their lives and they get passive about life. They just exist and die a slow death on the inside. Is this what you want for your life? If not then what are you going to do about it? Try an Olympian Mindset and give it everything you have and put it all on the line. If you do this you look back with pride and say that you gave it your all and you are an Olympian in life.

So what are you waiting for. Go for the GOLD.

Keith Young

Law of Attraction Coach

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