Doorway of Abundance

Are You Ready to Walk Through the Doorway of Abundance?


Would you like to learn how doing a simple 5 minute meditation that can change your beliefs around abundance?

Most people want more abundance and prosperity in their life. Abundance doesn’t just mean having more money. It means something different for everyone.

  • Abundance of time
  • Abundance of money
  • Abundance of health
  • Abundance of peace and less stress
  • Abundance of better relationships
  • Abundance of whatever you want

The Universe is Abundant and there is enough for everyone

We live in an abundant Universe. The #1 reason people are not living an abundant life is they do not believe there is enough for them and people like them do not receive abundance as that is for someone else. I want to help change that thought for you.

Doing this specific mediation can change your beliefs around having abundance in any area of your life

I am Keith Young a certified Law of Attraction life and business coach and performance and accountability coach. I lead clients in meditations in my coaching sessions to help them overcome limiting beliefs and help them create the abundance in their life that they are seeking.

I would like to lead you in a meditation called The Doorway of Abundance. This meditation will lead you through your own door that you can enter at any time to create the abundance in your life that you want. Once you learn this powerful technique you can then use it at any time to change those self-limiting beliefs to achieve the results and goals in your life that you want. Let me guide you through this meditation so you can then do this on a daily basis to start changing those beliefs into the beliefs that will bring you abundance and prosperity.

I will introduce you to your future self!

In this meditation I will introduce you to your future self. Your future self can help guide you in what you are currently doing and embed into your subconscious that you are already a success. This technique has helped countless people visualize the success they not only will have in the future but also help knock down the blocks and limiting beliefs they currently have.

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