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Focus and relax visualization exercise

Preparation: choose a time that you will be undisturbed for at least 15 minutes.  You want to create a soothing environment around you.  You can play some calling and soothing music if that helps.  I also suggest that you hold something in your hand such as a favorite small object.  This can be a piece of jewelry, a small token that means a lot to you, or in my case a crystal.



  1. you should find a comfortable sitting position.  You can lay down on your bed if you choose to that I do not like this because I would have a tendency of relaxing too much and falling asleep.  I choose to do this in a sitting position with my hands and feet uncrossed.  You want to hold this position easily for 10 to 15 minutes.  Your spine should be straight to allow a good energy flow through your entire body.  Then close your eyes and begin breathing very slowly and calmly.  Long deep breaths are preferred.
  2.  Totally relax your body and feel yourself completely letting go and relaxing all your muscles.  Feel a sense of calmness and tranquility. let your imagination travel through your body mentally relaxing every part of your body.  I like to start up my head and then go to my neck, my shoulders, my chest and arms, stomach, etc.  Just try to relax completely and make sure that your teeth are not clenched in any way as this put pressure on your jaw and cause stress.  You can think of a time when you felt great inner peace and then bring that feeling into your experience now.
  3.  With your eyes still closed I would like you to think of the room in your house and noticed how you think of it.  Do you see it is if you are looking at a movie screen or do you feel you are standing in the room and looking at it through your eyes is if you were right there?  Are you seeing the room around you?  Can you see the furniture in the room in the arrangement at the furniture is in?  Is your picture in color or black and white?  Can you imagine yourself walking around the room?  Try to recall an image or a feeling of that room as vividly as possible for just a minute or so and then let it fade out.
  4.  Now open your eyes.  Pick up the object that you are holding in your hands from earlier and take a close look at it.  Notice the color and shape and the weight of it.  Feel it in your hand and noticed the texture.  Notice as many details as you can about.  After a couple of minutes with the object down with your hands in the same position they were in when you are holding the object and now close your eyes.  Go into your imagination again which is your minds eye and re-create the object in your mind with as much detail as possible.  With your eyes still closed, can you picture its color, the shape and the weight, the texture and how it would feel in your hand.
  5.  Do not think of something such as a small object that you want to have that you do not yet have.  For this exercise, you something you have seen before.  With your eyes closed pictures that object as completely as you can.  Take notice how would feel to have it.  How would that object feeling your hand, what color and shape is it?
  6.  Now practice expanding your imagination by taking the object you just visualize and imagining an even better one.  How does it feel picturing and having something that is even better than you thought you could have?  If the object that you visualize originally is exactly what you want you do not need to ask for something better.  You do want to practice expanding your imagination however.
  7.  Now think of something even bigger that you would like to bring into your life.  Completely focus your mind a picture of this vividly.  For a couple of minutes think of that thing and if nothing else.  If you have some thoughts come up that you do not want, imagine putting them in a bubble and letting them float away.
  8.  When you feel calm and relaxed and ready to return bring your attention slowly back into the chair you are sitting in.  Notice and enjoy a state of peace and the calmness you are in.  See if the world around you is brighter and clearer.



now if you feel call more and more relaxed and more balanced you have achieved this state of consciousness necessary for you to start magnetizing the things that you desire into your life.  The calmer and more focused that you are in the higher you can get your thoughts to completely focus on your desires the better results will be when you start to magnetize those things into your life.  Now if you do not feel completely relaxed and centered you may need to work on some older types of meditations until you feel this sense of calmness and peace.

Take notice on how you visualize things.  Do you sense them and feel them or do you actually see them?  Are they in color or black-and-white?  How clear are they?  Keep practicing into you can experience the inner picture or sense of what you want.  If you are completely satisfied with your ability to visualize and you are able to focus on what you wanted for several minutes and you have accomplished what he set out to do.  Keep practicing this technique into you are completely satisfied.

Keith Young

Law of Attraction coach

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