Goal Setting Members

Module 1

In this module you will learn the definition of goal, the anatomy of a goal and why goals are important to set. You will also learn what questions to ask yourself when setting a goal. You will learn how to set goals using the SMART method system. You will have an exercise to set goals in all areas of your life.



Module 2

In this module you will learn why most goals do not manifest and be fulfilled, learn about your negative self-talk and how that is holding you back, and to keep track of behavior change. You will also learn how to achieve your goals with a powerful why, in other words, why do you want this. Then you will learn how to create an action plan for maximum achievement. You will have a chart on how to break down your goals from yearly, to monthly to weekly, to daily goals. To wrap this module up you will learn how to look at things through a different lens and give you a different perspective.



Module 3

In this module you will learn how to manage your time for maximum productivity. It will break down how to plan your week out by the use of time blocking. It will show you how to use the 168 hours in every week to maximize your time. You will also learn just how to stay motivated when things don’t go as planned. Finally, it will also show you how to use the Law of Attraction to attract whatever you want into your life.