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How do You Think About Adversity?

Let me ask you a question. What comes to mind when you think about adversity when it appears in your life? Most people think about struggle or hardship or some kind of difficulty. Remember, that is always more than one perspective on any issue. When I coach clients on adversity in their life I always tell them to choose the perspective that feels the best. In the Law of Attraction the better you feel then the higher the vibration you are putting out. If you are vibrating on a higher level then you are becoming more magnetic to attracting more abundance, prosperity, love, health or anything else that you desire.

When adversity comes up in your life ask yourself, “what’s a better-feeling perspective on this?” Sometimes great successes have emerged from ‘mistakes’. A couple of examples would be Kellog’s Corn Flakes. A batch of boiling wheat was left in a baking pan overnight. Ivory Soap, the soap that floats, a batch was left in the mixer too long resulting in a large volume of air being whipped into it.

View times of adversity as opportunities for learning and growth. Adversity helps us expand into a better version or ourselves. This in turn will help us manifest our desires more easily. The famous Chef and Restaurateur Wolfgang Puck once said, “I learned more from the one restaurant that failed than from all of the ones that were successful.” Look at where he is now.

Adversity can bring forth a new life for yourself. I know most of us have seen a dead tree stump and you notice a couple of new green shoots growing from it. That little sprout is a great representation of the Latin word “reviresco” which means “I flourish in adversity.”

The next time when you are faced with some kind of adversity in your life or in a difficult situation, rather than looking at it with fear or anger or the why me attitude, you can choose to look at it with an open heart and a sense of wonder. Just allow yourself to receive the learning from this adversity and experience the growth that can come of that. Think of this as creating a new energy within you, affirming that you–just like that little green shoot–can flourish in ADVERSITY!

Keith Young
Personal Effectiveness Coach
Law of Attraction Specialist

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