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How You Think About Money

There is not many people that realize how they think about money determines how much money they will usually have. Your attitude toward money will affect your motivation to achieve financial success and also affects your emotions. Let’s look at this first.

When do you Think About Money?
When do you think about money?  Usually when you don’t have enough or struggling to pay bills. Money is called a deficiency need in psychology. What this means is that it will only motivate you when you feel you don’t have enough of it. On another level when you feel you have enough it no longer will motivate you. So it is when people don’t have enough money that we find they think about it the most.

Your Attitude Toward Money
Money can and will affect your emotional life. It will depend on your attitude toward money. We become what we think about. So, if you feel that you don’t have enough money it can become an obsession for you.  It will just dominate your thinking and actions. One of the major reasons for marital breakups or marital problems is over money issues. Money issues are the primary reason for business failures, friendship failures, stress and anxiety. People kill themselves over money problems.Your attitude toward money will affect how much money you can accumulate and how you feel about yourself in relation toward money.

Where is Your Reality
What is your current reality toward money? You have to deal with life as it is now in relation to money and set goals to where you want it to be. Most people live in partial self-delusion in regards to money.  A lot of people use the PUSH method for their financial future. Pray Until Something Happens. They will hope and pray about their financial future but in their hearts then know their dreams will never come true. Many people believe impossible things about money that can never happen unless they change their beliefs and habits. Most are not willing or don’t know how to change those habits and beliefs and they still hold those impossible dreams around money and then they wonder why they are having financial problems. It is all about your attitude and beliefs around money that need to change.

You Need to Overcome Your Deep Embedded Beliefs

If you are to overcome any obstacle in life whether it is financial independence, weight loss, or anything you are wanting to change in your life. As it relates to money most people have a deep rooted belief that having money is evil or wrong. Their belief is not based on fact but is imbedded into their belief system that probably goes back to early childhood. They may have picked up a belief that people with money are evil because they heard that from their parents or they may have encountered someone with money that treated them badly. This belief needs to be changed in order for you to achieve any level of financial success  in your life because if you do not change this belief then your subconscious will sabotage all efforts you are making towards having more money.
Having Money Is A Good Thing
Now the true fact is having money is a good thing. You can do many more good things with money then without it. Charities needs people giving money. You can contribute to relief efforts if you have money. Money is energy and is the lubricant that makes the world what it is. Money is attracted and flows to people who can use it in productive ways. Some productive ways are, helping charities, creating employment opportunities, producing goods and services as well. Now on the other hand, money will flow away from people who do not use it productively but poor or who spend it in other non-productive ways. Money flows away from people who are foolish with their money and who don’t save it for emergencies or who spend it before they earn it.
Some Action Exercises
You need to improve your attitude toward money and here is just a couple of things to do now.

First, how much money would you like to accumulate in your life?  Be honest here and be sensible. You need to be realistic to be able to achieve it. Don’t pretend you don’t care about money because you really do care deep down. It is not about the money it is about what the money can do for you.

Second, what can the money do for you? What great things could you accomplish that you would like to accomplish if money was no object? Next, start thinking about how you can increase the amount you currently earn and how much you want to keep.

Coach Keith Young

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