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If you are green you are still growing but if you are ripe then you are rotting!

Do you like Chick-fil-A restaurants? I do love the food there in their service is always very fast and they are always friendly and courteous. I believe that Chick-fil-A has raised the bar for all fast food restaurants to have a better product and more quality food and to do a better job.

As I was waiting in line to order one day I saw the owner behind the counter and someone asked him how he was doing. His answer took me by surprise as he said, “I’m doing great as I am green.” That answer took me a little by surprised and didn’t know if he was sick or he didn’t know what he was doing in a certain situation.

It must have taken the man who asked the question by surprise to as he looked puzzled and asked him you are green? The owner answered yes. He expanded on his answer by saying, “if you are green then you are growing but if you are ripe then you are rotting.” I thought about this answer for a little while after getting my meal and it began to make sense to me.

I believe that what he was referring to is being green is that you are in the process of learning, developing and growing and becoming all that you can be in your career in your personal life. However, if a person gets to the place of feeling as though they have arrived then they stop growing and feel they do not need to learn anything else and that they are fully ripe and mature. Once you reach that stage just like any fruit you begin to rot after that.

We are all on a journey and none of us knows everything. Even the wisest teacher or business person or the wisest dentist or physician will tell you that they are in a constant state of learning. I am thankful of the mentors in my life who taught me the value of staying hungry to continue to grow in every area of my life.

I do believe that it is important that we all should mature to the place that we are proficient in our own particular area of expertise in our life. Wisdom and maturity comes with age, with hard work and learning some tough lessons in life. Now I am not suggesting that you stay immature your whole life but suggesting that you maintain an attitude of greenness that will help with the desire to continue to grow. It is very very important that you stay in the ongoing ripening process. It is when you think you have come to the end of that journey that the writing process will start.

I would like to summarize with three thoughts. First thought it is good to have an attitude that you are green and still learning because that will cause you to grow.

Second, it is important that you continue to ripen and develop some maturity while still maintaining a desire to grow, learn and become better at whatever you do. And finally third, be very careful not to have that “know – it – all” attitude and the feeling of having arrived at your destination. That is when the beginning of the writing process starts and you will get yourself and maybe others into trouble.

I hope you have a new appreciation for the process that good fruit and good people go through each and every day. Now it’s time for lunch at Chick-fil-A.

Keith Young

Life Performance Coach

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