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Manifesting Monday Abundance & Success Message

Manifesting Monday Abundance & Success Message

Today’s Message: Someday is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you. 

Have you ever told yourself or thought to yourself, ” Someday I will…” and fill in the blank. Someday is a disease. When you tell yourself that you are really saying a few different things. such as, I don’t believe I can achieve this, I don’t have the money for this, what happens if I fail, just to name a few things. 

Fear also plays a part in this because you are afraid of losing money, what other people might say, what happens if you fail, etc. 

The richest place on earth isn’t in the diamond mines of Africa or the oil fields of Saudi Arabia. It is in the graveyards across the globe. Why do I say that, because there lies the dreams unfulfilled, the unused talents of people, the books left unwritten, the businesses never opened, the ideas never acted upon, etc. etc. 

People let things get in the way and said maybe someday I will…and they never acted upon those dreams and ideas. They never wrote those books they said someday when I have more time I will do it. The talents left by the wayside because fear got in the way. The list goes on. 

Tomorrow is promised to no one. The only thing you can do is act in the now. Now is the only time you have that you can actually do something. So the question becomes, ARE YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING WITH THE NOW?

P.S. As you know I have been offering a 12 week intense program to help you become what you think about. It also has to do with today’s message. Are you a someday person? Someday you will write that book or someday you will start that business or someday you will do this or do that. This 12 week intense program will help you do just that. It will heal you of the someday disease. It will get you into action. It all starts Feb 3rd. 
I am only taking on 5 people because of the intense nature of this program and the amount of time i have. I already have 2 people signed up so there is 3 spots left. We will meet online 1 on 1 every week. We will clarify what you want to accomplish in this 12 weeks and create a plan for success. 
So if you want more information and cost of the program then send me an email at and ask for info on the program. 

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