Meet Coach Keith


High Performance Mentor/Coach


  • To help and empower people to break through their limiting beliefs and help them achieve their lifelong desires and goals and to live the life they want to live.


  • Involvement in the development, transformation and empowerment of people. To help as many people as I can find their purpose in life and focus in on their personal gifts and strengths.


I adhere to a strict code of ethics:

  • Client interests are paramount and take precedence over all other considerations,
  • Discussions between the coach and the client are strictly confidential, unless the client has given his or her explicit consent.
  • Belief—in the potential that people have and in their ability to learn
  • Courage—to ask powerful questions and hold people accountable and challenge them when needed
  • Excellence—work with high standards and always seek improvement
  • Integrity—I walk the talk. I am transparent about my beliefs and values
  • Understanding—recognize and respect the reality of other people’s worlds and challenges

Qualifications and Background

  • Certified performance and accountability coaching—JTE Associates
  • Certified Breakthrough Performance Workshops—JTE Associates
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach—Quantum Success Academy

A little about me:  I am originally from the Midwest and moved to Arizona in 2001.  I was a machinist for 30 years and knew that wasn’t my calling.  I was almost a professional bowler at one time and I am a professional magician as well. In 2003 I started my own business as a real estate investor and started coaching people on real estate investing of which I am still involved.  I love helping people and entertaining people.  I am a father, step-father and grandfather.  I bring my life and business experiences into coaching people who want a clear direction in their life

My training started by going through a coaching program for real estate investors and becoming a coach for real estate investing.  I continued my coaching education with JTE Associates in performance and accountability coaching and then with Quantum Success Academy. I trained to do workshops and got my certification in performance workshops in May 2010. I have coached over 400 personal clients and over 800 consulting clients as of September of 2012.  I have l always been interested in helping people as I also used to teach bowling classes back in Downers Grove Illinois and taught magic classes at a community college in Wheaton Illinois.  I have also done a lot of studying with Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer and also Eldon Taylor on how the mind works and how fear sets in and takes over.  I went thought an intensive year long program to be trained in Law of Attraction coaching and the Universal Laws that govern our universe by Quantum Success Academy.