Your Reticular Activating System and the Law of Attraction Workshop

Are you finding the Law of Attraction not working for you?

Are you not living the life you want to be living?

Are you struggling in your finances, relationships, career, etc?

It could be because your Reticular Activating System is not allowing you to see the opportunities you need to see to manifest your desires.

Your RAS is your gatekeeper or executive secretary if you will. It is an awareness we all have inside of us. Your gatekeeper allows you to see what you focus your thoughts on and also your beliefs about yourself in every area of your life.

Your RAS is activated from visual input, what you hear, touch etc.

Reticular activating system is one of the most important parts of our brain  that has great influence over cognition. Recent neuroscience studies related to mammalian brains has unleashed that this system performs lots of cognitive functions which are related to awareness.

We have 2 minds our conscious and subconscious minds. Our conscious mind can handle 40 bits of data per second. Our subconscious mind can handle 40 million bits of data per second

So the RAS is the gate keeper between the conscious mind and subconscious mind and only lets in what I am interested in. this will be your filter to keep most of the stuff out that your RAS is hearing and only let through the gate the things you are interested in and focusing on.

So how does this help you achieve your goals and attract the things you desire?

You want to have the thoughts on what you want and desire because the gatekeeper will allow those thoughts in and you will see the opportunities that are already there that you are currently missing

I am offering a workshop to you today for you to learn how you can create the thoughts and beliefs that will help you activate the thoughts and beliefs so the RAS will allow you to see the opportunities that are already there that you are currently missing, so you can take the action needed to achieve your desires.

In this workshop you will learn:

How the RAS works for both good and bad

How your subconscious is programmed

How the gatekeeper allows only what you think about

How your thoughts become your reality as your RAS is used like a search engine

How the Law of Attraction with the RAS to achieve results you desire

How to deliberately use the RAS and LOA to manifest your desires

How to live the life you want to live

Here is what you will receive with this workshop:

Receive live training

Recording of the training

Workbook  for the training

Q&A after the training

The training will take place on Zoom on Thursday June 30th


As a bonus you will receive a 30 minute personal coaching session with me

As a second bonus, if you would like to continue personal coaching sessions after the workshop you will can get personal coaching at a discounted rate.

Your Investment in Yourself is:


To reserve your place in the RAS live workshop and to get the recording just click the link below