Stepping Into Greatness–Storyboarding Your Abundant Future

Storyboarding Your Abundant Future


This is your starting lesson.  You should start with this before you start your 52-week program.  Getting clear on what you want first is essential for your success.

This is a lesson designed for you to storyboard your future.  What I mean by that is setting a vision for what you actually want your life to look like.  You want to create the life that you want to live.  Do not keep creating life by default which is whatever comes your way and life throws at you, you accept.

What I mean by creating your future is to deliberately and with intention go about creating the opportunities for you to live your ideal life.  Decide on how you want your life to play out.  This is like creating a storyboard for a movie.

Walt Disney was one of the 1st people to use storyboarding when he began his animated cartoons back in the 1930s.  Since then, every movie is storyboarded and has now even moved into the corporate world.  There is storyboarding software out there such as Microsoft PowerPoint, that is readily available so you can storyboard anything.

For you to storyboard and create the movie of your life, you have to decide exactly what you want to happen.  The 1st thing to do is to create an outline for your entire movie.  Start at the end and decide in the beginning what the outcome will be.  You should decide what you want in each area of your life.

  • Finances

  • Business/career

  • Personal

  • Health & Fitness

  • Recreation

  • Relationships

  • Contribution

The next thing is you will conceptualize your plot.  We do this by asking ourselves questions to determine any specific goals in each of the 7 categories.

After you do that you will begin filming.  You will create action steps for each goal and begin to live the life of your dreams.

As Shakespeare said, “all life is a stage.”  Most of us have forgotten that fact.  Do not concern yourself about your main players, and who your supporting cast is.  Create your stage for YOU and for YOUR story.  If you do that the rest will fall into place.

You want to see the big picture of the life that you want to live.  When you can see the big picture, this will be a tremendous achievement and better yet, it is most exhilarating!  Almost everyone that has achieved great success either both financially or personally, had a clear vision of what they wanted their lives to look like.

Clarity is power.  If you do not have a vision you are like a ship drifting on the ocean without any captain to navigate it or give it a destination.  Visualize now that you are the captain of your own ship.  You now have to map out a destination worthy of what you want.


This Week’s Action Plan


Visualizing your future does not mean that you want to just focus in on your business or your career.  To live in abundant life need to storyboard and visualize abundance in every area of your life.

Below are the 7 categories of your life that I suggest you begin to storyboard by developing an outline.  I gave you some suggestions in each category to start storyboarding and setting your goals that will give you the direction to go in.

  1. Finances - our financial lives, we should focus in and set goals on the total income that you would like to receive each week/month/year.  You should set goals and the amount of money that you would like to invest in savings, debts you want paid off, stocks or other appreciating assets.  You should be doing all of this with the intention of becoming debt-free, stress free, and financially free.

  2. Business/Career - in your business life, you should consider every business that you want to build and all of the different careers that you want to have.  Whether there is just one or 20 and no matter how crazy they may sound to anyone else, and no matter if it sounds crazy, even with the people that we may want to work with.  This point is incredibly important.  If you do not write down the type of people you want to work with or even specific names of people that you admire most and want to learn from, you will miss many opportunities in your life.

  3. Personal - with our personal lives we should only concentrate on ourselves.  There is a relationship category that we will use to storyboard others.  In this category you want to discover skills that you want perfect, all of the material things you want to purchase and have, the lavish vacations you would like to take or exotic places you want to visit.  Anything and everything goes here as long as you specifically want it for yourself.

  4. Health and fitness - in this category I am not just speaking of physical fitness, but also including spiritual and mental fitness as well.  You should storyboard things such as exercise, nutrition, developing yourself spiritually, learning and incorporating new ways of thinking and new mindset, overall awareness of mind, body, and spirit.

  5. Recreation - this is usually the category that most people forget about.  Or sometimes feel guilty about.  This is total BS.  We are all meant to have fun, and we need to take a break once in a while to recharge our batteries.  We need this in our lives.  Do not tell me work can be fun, and that is true for some, but work and career has its own category.  I am talking about real fun times here.  I am speaking about what puts butterflies in your stomach and a smile that you cannot wipe off your face, which is what you should call fun.

  6. Relationships - in this category, you should concentrate on the people that are in your life.  These can include members of your family, business associates, clients, current, mentors and mentors that you would like to learn from, and also it could include your own coworkers and employees.  You deserve to have awesome relationships.  Deciding on the relationships that you want is extremely important.

  7. Contribution - your life should be brimming with contribution to those around you and to organizations that you believe in.  We all have certain gifts, talents, time, energy, ideas, and the money.  I believe it is our obligation to the universe to contribute whatever we have to give.

So what are you waiting for?  It is now time for lights, camera, action!  So get to work on storyboarding your abundant life and take massive action and get massive results.

Remember, life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.  It is time to create an awesome life.


Until next week.

Keith Young

High Performance Coach & Law of Attraction specialist