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Marc MN

“Keith is responsive in getting back to clients concerns and swift to resolve any administrative or coaching needs.  He understands and has a firm grasp of the inner game...

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Dan King Tempe, AZ

” Keith has a gift of balancing good cop, bad cop. He will help hold yourself accountable which is what you need, but he is also very good at encouraging...

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Vicky J

“I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the assistance Keith has been on my journey.  He started as my real estate coach but he has really been...

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Elaine | Innergame Magic Review

Elaine S OH

“When I first started working with Coach Keith, I must admit that I had a fairly smug attitude. I had seen “The Secret” movie and had read several books...

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DM Michigan

“Listening to the meditation audio provided by Keith and Inner Magic has proven to be so helpful.  I was surprised first of all to hear my own expectations spoken...

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