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DM Michigan

“Listening to the meditation audio provided by Keith and Inner Magic has proven to be so helpful.  I was surprised first of all to hear my own expectations spoken back to me and to realize that they were not as ambitious as I originally thought.   This gave me an opportunity for self reflection and to raise my standards and desires.  I absolutely love the meditation audios and strongly recommend them.

I also took the opportunity to work on techniques with Keith as my coach to raise my consciousness, my expectations and outcomes in my personal life and in business.  I have read so many books and have spoken to other coaches all of which I have gleaned something but his program has provided me with very powerful and immediate results.   The reason his techniques are so helpful, I believe, is because he dignifies the matters I express and patiently listens to understand  and give due consideration.  The techniques he then provides me with are so useful and always helps me to propel forward.  I cannot say enough good things about his programs.  I am so delighted and I strongly recommend his coaching services and programs to anyone who is truly wanting results.”

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