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Elaine S OH

“When I first started working with Coach Keith, I must admit that I had a fairly smug attitude. I had seen “The Secret” movie and had read several books on the law of attraction. I thought I knew how it worked and how to “make” my life work. My only problem was, I thought, was my income wasn’t what I wanted. After a few sessions, I discovered that I really didn’t know as much as I’d thought. I found that the law of attraction integrates nicely with my spirituality as a tool that allows me to create the life that I want. With a more broadened focus on my part, Keith guided me though an exercise to create a relationship that was perfect for me. I wrote out my intentions and set them aside. A few months after I wrote the intentions, I met someone who fit perfectly with each intention. Through my work with Coach Keith, my life has become the work of art I’ve always wanted. He helped me learn that the law of attraction isn’t something I have to make work. It just works”

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