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Mary Beltrami Coherence Coaching – Personal and Business Coach

“Keith Young is a highly knowledgeable, skillful and well-rounded personal and business coach.  I’ve worked closely with Keith  as a peer coach in the same organization for over three years, and during this time I have both experienced firsthand and received consistent feedback from clients on Keith’s exceptional coaching knowledge and skill.  Moreover, Keith is an excellent teacher, and his passion for helping and supporting others in the sharing of his vast knowledge be it involving human nature and what we call the “inner game” or that of real estate or small business development, he is not only a true professional but an insightful, sensitive and warm individual who cares deeply for the well-being and success of his clients.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Keith as a coach or as a teacher, since he is passionate about both roles and has much value to offer in each capacity.”

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