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Vicky J

“I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the assistance Keith has been on my journey.  He started as my real estate coach but he has really been my life coach.  He listens and offers suggestions that are specific to your needs, not some canned approach or one size fits all.  Keith is so responsive and he is there when you need him….all you have to do is ask. He can’t do it for you.  The important thing is he helps you see you can do it yourself.

P.S. Good gosh….I just had to tell you I went back and changed all the “I wants” to “I am” and I can’t even begin to tell you the power I felt as I did that.  I’m sitting here crying tears of joy because (at least of this minute) I feel like I have the power within me to be, do or have anything!!! I most likely sound a little wacko right now, but I just had to tell you THANKS!!!”

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