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Listening to the meditation audio provided by Keith and Inner Magic has proven to be so helpful.  I was surprised first of all to hear my own expectations spoken back to me and to realize that they were not as ambitious as I originally thought.   This gave me an opportunity for self reflection and to raise my standards and desires.  I absolutely love the meditation audios and strongly recommend them.

I also took the opportunity to work on techniques with Keith as my coach to raise my consciousness, my expectations and outcomes in my personal life and in business.  I have read so many books and have spoken to other coaches all of which I have gleaned something but his program has provided me with very powerful and immediate results.   The reason his techniques are so helpful, I believe, is because he dignifies the matters I express and patiently listens to understand  and give due consideration.  The techniques he then provides me with are so useful and always helps me to propel forward.  I cannot say enough good things about his programs.  I am so delighted and I strongly recommend his coaching services and programs to anyone who is truly wanting results.

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When I first started working with Coach Keith, I must admit that I had a fairly smug attitude. I had seen “The Secret” movie and had read several books on the law of attraction. I thought I knew how it worked and how to “make” my life work. My only problem was, I thought, was my income wasn’t what I wanted. After a few sessions, I discovered that I really didn’t know as much as I’d thought. I found that the law of attraction integrates nicely with my spirituality as a tool that allows me to create the life that I want. With a more broadened focus on my part, Keith guided me though an exercise to create a relationship that was perfect for me. I wrote out my intentions and set them aside. A few months after I wrote the intentions, I met someone who fit perfectly with each intention. Through my work with Coach Keith, my life has become the work of art I’ve always wanted. He helped me learn that the law of attraction isn’t something I have to make work. It just works

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[testimonial] [tentry name=”Mary Beltrami” company=”Coherence Coaching – Personal and Business Coach”] Keith Young is a highly knowledgeable, skillful and well-rounded personal and business coach.  I’ve worked closely with Keith  as a peer coach in the same organization for over three years, and during this time I have both experienced firsthand and received consistent feedback from clients on Keith’s exceptional coaching knowledge and skill.  Moreover, Keith is an excellent teacher, and his passion for helping and supporting others in the sharing of his vast knowledge be it involving human nature and what we call the “inner game” or that of real estate or small business development, he is not only a true professional but an insightful, sensitive and warm individual who cares deeply for the well-being and success of his clients.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Keith as a coach or as a teacher, since he is passionate about both roles and has much value to offer in each capacity. [/tentry] [/testimonial]


[testimonial] [tentry image=”” name=”Vicki J” company=””]I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the assistance Keith has been on my journey.  He started as my real estate coach but he has really been my life coach.  He listens and offers suggestions that are specific to your needs, not some canned approach or one size fits all.  Keith is so responsive and he is there when you need him….all you have to do is ask. He can’t do it for you.  The important thing is he helps you see you can do it yourself.

P.S. Good gosh….I just had to tell you I went back and changed all the “I wants” to “I am” and I can’t even begin to tell you the power I felt as I did that.  I’m sitting here crying tears of joy because (at least of this minute) I feel like I have the power within me to be, do or have anything!!! I most likely sound a little wacko right now, but I just had to tell you THANKS!!! Keith,[/tentry] [/testimonial]


[testimonial] [tentry image=”” name=”Cortney Jones” company=”Real Estate Coach”] Your ability to get to the heart of what is holding people back is a true gift. The fact that you’ve taken this gift and combined it with your passion to motivate, support, and educate people is a win-win.  Everyone you come in contact with, particularly your coaching clients, wins for having spent time learning from you.  You win because you get to fulfill your purpose in life.  I can’t think of a better, more productive relationship than one where everyone comes out with what they need and that is what you are fulfilling.

Keep touching lives in a positive, accountable, supportive way![/tentry] [/testimonial]


[testimonial] [tentry image=”” name=”Gail Burkhalter” company=”Vice President Sugarbush Properties”] I have known Keith about 2 years and he has always been eager to help with all of my real estate business needs, especially coaching me in sales techniques.  When you learn to do what the pro’s teach then your business with excel.  Thank you Keith for spending your time coaching me and helping me overcome my fears and weaknesses. [/tentry] [/testimonial]


[testimonial] [tentry image=”” name=”Cary & Laura Kingsley” company=”San Antonio, TX”] Keith has added tremendous value to our lives, not only financially but personally as well.  Keith was instrumental in helping us set real goals and achieving them. His coaching made the hard times less hard and the good time much more enjoyable. We believe in Keith cause he believes in us.  Not only do we recommend him as your coach but suggest you introduce him to all your friends and family as well. [/tentry] [/testimonial]


[testimonial] [tentry image=”” name=”Dan King” company=”Tempe, AZ”] Keith has a gift of balancing good cop, bad cop. He will help hold yourself accountable which is what you need, but he is also very good at encouraging and lifting your spirits if things aren’t on target. His “inner game magic” sets him apart from the rest and he is very good at teaching the inner game psychology to his students. [/tentry] [/testimonial]


[testimonial] [tentry image=”” name=”Marc” company=”MN”] Keith is responsive in getting back to clients concerns and swift to resolve any administrative or coaching needs.  He understands and has a firm grasp of the inner game concepts and is fluid in the application of the universal laws which influence behavior and outcomes.  Keith’s authentic approach in working with clients makes him an excellent coach for any business person whose conscious desire is to reach more success in less time.   Keith’s library of information will get you to your goals faster with less effort. I recommend Keith as a coach and a trainer. [/tentry] [/testimonial]


[testimonial] [tentry image=”” name=”Ray Burkhalter” company=”President Sugarbush Properties”] I have worked with and been coached by Keith for several years now.  He has a strong background in business and has helped literally hundreds of clients with their business and inner game challenges.  Keith has the ability to quickly see roadblocks and skillfully guide you around them.  I look forward to my future work with Keith and highly recommend him to others. [/tentry] [/testimonial]