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Things I Learned from Hip Replacement Surgery

I recently had a hip replacement. My pain was at a level that I could not tolerate any longer and it was affecting my everyday life.So I went ahead and had a total hip replacement.  I would like to share with you now some of the insights that I gained with this surgery.

What I learned through having this surgery is to focus in on the results that you want.  This is the same thing I teach my clients.  I teach my clients about focusing their thoughts on what they want and not on what they do not want.  So I focused on my desired result to regain my mobility quickly and the pain will diminish rapidly.  I just focused in an adjusted my attitude to one that will support my desired results.

I did not go in with the attitude of poor me on having hip surgery and I did not want anyone to feel sorry for me as I just wanted their support. I just focused in on and set my intention of doing what I was told by the physical therapist and the doctor and my hip would recover very quickly. And you know what, it did.
As I write this I am 19 days from having the surgery. I am now walking without any assistance from a walker or cane and the pain is diminishing every day.
By having the right attitude about any health issues that you are having and by setting your intentions about your desired result that you want and then focusing your thoughts on that desired result you will achieve the result that you want.
That does not mean you will have times that are going to be difficult and painful. Set your expectations that you will have those days but also set your intentions that you will be disciplined enough to continue following your doctor’s orders and doing what is necessary for you to achieve your desired result.

I am on a path to continue my physical therapy and rehabbing my hip. There will be days that you will be tempted to not do your exercises or what you are supposed to be doing in your rehabilitation. You can always say, “I will rest today and make up for tomorrow.”
I suggest saying, “even though I do not feel like doing my exercises I am going to do them anyway because I am disciplined and know it will pay off in the long run.”

If you are going through any health issues or really anything in your life, having the right attitude and being disciplined to do what it takes will help you recover much more quickly than anyone expects.
It helps having the right attitude and intentions and expectations in anything you do in life. I expect there will be obstacles in my way and road bumps along the way but I also have the attitude to know that these are just minor bumps in the road and that I will get through them and I know the solutions are there for the taking. Always focus on solutions and not the problems as you will only get more problems if that is what you focus on.
Attitude, intentions, and expectations are the key to having more success in your life no matter what your situation.

Keith Young

Personal effectiveness coach


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