Using Time Effectively

“Would you like to learn how to become more organized and productive so you can achieve your goals in less time?”

How much do you Value your time? Do you know what comes first, mindset or productivity?



What Tim had to say about the program: 

On my 4th time thru the seminar here is what is occurring so far.

I find the data to be true, and the more i think with it the more I am getting out of it.

one of the ideas that hit me this evening was that TIME IS A RESOURCE. When you said that, it was …..WHAAATTTTT! DID HE JUST SAY? wow I never say it like that before . It is valuable and it is something I H.AVE..

you also said that …time has CHARACTERISTICS, e.g. time is inelastic….I was able at that moment to make TIME more real to myself. Before it was just some like ethereal idea….just like fog or or a cloud, now it is palpable, something DEFINED. See, now I can use it

Another thing. on DECISIONS….being indecisive on something got me hung up in/on time. I saw how indecisive i was on certain things and how much time I was wasting being indecisive….wow…taking no action ….I have found I am now make much cleaner decisions. If  I am being indecisive I make a decision to put it aside and move on to the next thing. Many of the things I have found myself being indecisive about were actually things that did not really have great importance to my goals.

I feel a new level of personal  power, I am accomplishing things in a day that would have taken 3 or more days before.

The six power questions are invaluable. I found myself thinking 1 and 2 a couple of times this morning and  it was like it helped me to get refocused and moving again.

One thing …I thought for some weird reason it was going to take a lot of EFFORT to implement any level of time management. I am finding it takes LESS EFFORT, LESS ENERGY to be focused and managing my time and working on my true goals. I feel I have gotten a tenth or less out of what is actually in this course.It really is packed with gems!

Thanks again ,

I just am having a good time

You have given me a real treasure in this course.

Tim Henry–Illinois


What is the purpose of Time Management? The purpose of time management is not to help you find more time, but to help you get more value out of the time that you already have.

We all have the same amount of hours and minutes in a day and it is up to each and every one of us what we do with them!

The Ultimate Goal of Time Management is:

Not to do more just for the sake of getting more stuff done…the ultimate goal is to help you choose the right things to do.

Time Management is really about managing yourself and choosing to use your time more wisely!

Are you aware of the PPS–Personal Productivity System? Do you know about the 6 Power Questions to ask yourself about time management and productivity?

By becoming more organized and productive you will have more free time to do the things you like to do! You will accomplish tasks in less time and get more tasks done. What would you do if you had more free time to do the things you like to do?

This program will teach just that–how to use your time more effectively so you can become more productive and organized.



How to Use Your Time More Effectively: Becoming More Productive & Organized


This program is designed to help you learn the techniques of getting the most value from your time.

The program video itself is packed full of ways to get you to see time differently.

The program will teach you about the Time Management Tower and contains my personal PPS.

Some of what this Program will cover:


  • How to become more time conscious
  • The 3 things to know about time
  • Your timeline and how much time do you have left
  • The difference between Structured vs Unstructured people
  • Your PPS–Personal Productivity System
  • The Time Management Tower
  • How to prioritize tasks
  • My personal time blocking calendar system

Here’s Everything You Get..

  • The 1:14 video on Using Your Time More Effectively
  • Personal Workbook
  • My personal Critical Action Plan
  • Bonus: 30 coaching call with me that you can schedule anytime

Your Investment Today:
Just $47

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