Week 1 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

       Envision the Plot of Your Story! 


In your first lesson you storyboarded your future in the seven areas of your life. Now a storyboard is nothing but loose ideas when there is no plot to focus your attention on. If you are an actor what lines would you read when there is no plot or storyline to a movie? Without a plot storyline the movie would be all over the place.

So this week we are going to focus on the plot your life’s story. This is called deliberately creating your future. We are all in a constant mode of creation whether by default or deliberately. If you create by default that means you are just going along for the ride and whatever comes up is the direction you go in.

When you start creating with intent and deliberately, you are taking the reins to your life and steering your life and the direction you wanted to go in. So the first few lessons are going to be about gaining the clarity and the direction you want to create your life.

It is not enough to live happily ever after just by simply knowing what the seven areas of your life are. You have to decide what you really want in each of those seven categories and then we should create goals around those decisions.

Here is the way to think about this. Each of your individual goals is a plot point in your storyline of your life. It’s just a stepping stone with a simple timeline that follows.

So keep in mind you are in a constant mode of creating your life and your future. You can either create by default or create with intent and deliberately.

This Weeks Action Step


  We are going to go over the seven categories of your life again but this time will be accompanied by some questions. The answers you give to these questions will help you to get a handle on being crystal clear about what you want in your hearts desires.

1. Finances -- how much money would you like to earn each month? Be specific. How much would you like to invest in appreciating equities such as investments in real estate? How much money would you like to put into a savings account each month? What debt due like to pay off?

2. Business -- what business or businesses would you like to be involved in or create? What would you really like the doing every day of your life for a career? Who would you like to work for?

3.  Personal -- what would you like to buy for yourself? These are material things. What skills would you like to learn and to master such as dancing, musical instrument, etc.? What countries or famous places would you like to visit? Where would you like to go on your yearly and monthly vacations? What would you like to do on these vacations?

4. Health and fitness -- what kind of physique would you like to have? Does your body look like you wanted to look now? What kind of exercise would you like to try that you never have tried before? Are you completely satisfied with your current eating habits or would you like healthier ones? What religion or spiritual practices would you like to study? How would that practice enhance your spiritual life? What habits to work on? What kind of mindset you want to have? Do you want to develop a better positive attitude?

5. Recreation -- what fun activities would you love to engage in? What activity would make you feel like a kid again? Is there currently something that you enjoy doing but that you do not make the time for? Is there an activity that you’ve always wanted to try but were afraid to do or just haven’t taken the time to do it? Are there things that you like to do but don’t do any more because of how others might look at you?

6. Relationships -- who would you like to spend more time with at home? Who would you like to spend more time with at work? Who needs you to spend more time with them at home and at work? Who do you need to spend more time with such as a mentor or spiritual guide?

7. Contribution -- is there a charity or a community project that you would like to contribute to? Would you like to give your money or your time or both? Do you have the talent that could benefit that charity your project in some way? Could you create or invent a self-perpetuating charity such as Paul Newman did with his Newman’s own brand of products?

Remember, life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.  It is time to create an awesome life.

I’ll see you next week!

Keith Young

High Performance coach and law of attraction specialist