Week 10 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

Creating a Dream Team for Success

dream team

Now that you are on your path to creating the life that you want to live it is time for the next key to your success. One of the greatest keys you can have to success is relationships. The fact is that you are the people you surround yourself with. You are not your car or your house or even how much money you make. Your life and your success is a direct reflection of the people around you and your relationships with them.

This is one of the most difficult things to teach people. In order to achieve the success you want to redirect your focus and start creating relationships in your life that will help you to achieve your dreams and make them a reality.

This may mean cutting loose some of the people that is holding you back. You may have outgrown them in your pursuit of creating a better life for yourself and your family.

Success in any area of your life is not a competition nor is it a solo project. There is plenty success to go around for everyone and we just have to work together with the same goals and ambitions in mind to ensure success.

The word that comes to mind here is synergy. This is the concept of adding 1 +1 and getting 11 not 2. It’s the concept of people working together that can accomplish far more than they could by working separately.

When people work together incredible power will be released. You want to associate with success oriented, like-minded, happy and joyful individuals. This is called Dream Teaming and is one of the most powerful success tools that exist.

If you think about it, anyone who achieves or have achieved great success will usually have some type of dream team in place. No one can do it alone. No one has all the answers but when you have a dream team in place this is like your personal mastermind group that can solve any problem. Your team will help you to take your ideas and expand on them to achieve greatness. Your dream team will help you focus in on your goals and support you in pursuit of your goals and encourage you when times get tough to keep going.

So to build your dream team what characteristics should they have? To build a successful dream team, you will need at least another person with whom you have a common passion and purpose. You want to have an ideal partner to think through certain situations and circumstances that come up. They should have limitless vision and want to work together with you for a single goal. Your hearts and your heads should be in harmony each other. Your dream team can consist of one person or several people.

You can even create dream teams for different goals and areas of your life. Always be on the lookout for the best people to be on your team and then approach them about being on your team to how you can help each other.

Do not just accept a member on a long-term basis but they should be on at least a three month probation. During that time if you start to notice the negative or egotistical behavior or that they are selfish then you should disassociate with them.

In the beginning it should be discussed at the outset that none of you in the dream team can allow any “energy suckers” in your group. Do not make any exceptions because a fit may not be quite right and this is your life you’re building. The attitude in the group is everything and it will either make or break the success as a group or individual as well.

The spirit of the group should be one of happiness, joy, sharing and contribution. You must also agree among yourselves that what goes on between each of you is completely confidential. Another words, what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas. Only the dream team members should know the goal and should be dedicated, committed, and joyful to achieving great success together.

The last thing that I would like to say on this is that all of us usually have some type of self-doubt. I have found that your dream team usually sees more in you than you see in yourself. You should be there to encourage each other and cheer each other on when we start to go through those troubled times in our life. You want to identify bad habits in each other and help change them into the habit that will support the group in pursuit of the goal.

An agreement should be made to tell the truth so that you can be all that you can be. Nothing should be taken personally and should be given in a spirit of helping each other. Together you and your dream team can master and achieve any goal you set out to achieve.




So here is the action step for this week.

I would like to offer up just one simple exercise this week.

As you begin on your journey of creating your dream life and you start to see the vision unfolding in front of you on how it will look, write down whom do you see yourself working and associating with? Who are your friends? What traits and characteristics do your dream team members possess?

It is extremely important for you to visualize the kind of people that you are planning to bring into your life because these are the type of people you will attract to you.

The exercise is simple in that you should sit in your favorite chair and in a quiet room. You should have some of your favorite inspirational music playing in the background. Also have a pen and paper or notebook close by.

Sit back and gently close your eyes and visualize your life as you wanted to be. Visualize who is there with you at work and also at play? Who are the people in your industry and career that you admire the most? Who would you like to learn from? Who do you want to have fun and laugh with? Who would you like to call a friend? What traits and attributes would these people have? Would they be full of energy, positive, talented, funny, sharing?

Now make a list of at least 200 influential and powerful people with whom you would love to work with and the play and grow in doing business with. This may take some time but it is an important steppingstone to achieving the life that you envision.

Remember, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is time to create the best life possible!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and law of attraction specialist