Week 19 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

Make Your Primary Goal a Reality

success is target
success is a target


Last week we talked about setting some goals. We talked about expanding and upleveling your goals. Then I spoke about narrowing your goals down and you should have one primary goal that stands out to accomplish this first more than any of the others. Once you have that goal narrowed down then it is time to actualize it.

Actualize means to make actual or to make real. To see something actualized and become a reality requires you to take action. Most people would like to see their dreams realized through virtually no effort at all on their part. That is not the way it really works. We also would probably not appreciate it much if we did nothing to achieve our goals.

To have everything that you want in life you have to decide what it is that you really want, make a plan and then take action.

If you want to transform your goal from a very lofty dream to actual reality it means that you first must decide on a primary goal if you already haven’t done so. You can have as many things as you want and make your goal list as long as you desire, but to make your goals a reality you must concentrate on them one at a time.

So once you have your primary goal or the goal that you want to work on right now and to see it become a reality more than anything else, and then you have to create a plan on how to achieve that goal.

Your plan must include researching your goal, may be looking for classes to take, or visiting a foreign country or asking about an internship with a company or individual. Creating a goal achieving plan is very similar to planning a road trip.

If you are planning a road trip you know your eventual destination so all you need to do is mark the route on how to get there. Now it may take you a while to get where you want to go or maybe if it is a short road trip you can arrive there the next day or the next week. It just all depends on what your number one goal is.

The last step is to follow the plan you’ve created by taking actions on each step. As an example, if you have 40 steps in your plan, then decide how many steps a day or a week that you will take action on until you have what you want.

Now I know this sounds very simple and it is simple. One of the hardest parts of having what you want is figuring out what you want and then deciding that you are going to do it. Then the rest is just taking action.




Here is this week’s personal exercise:

Now it is time to do what we’ve been talking about and that is take action.

You should have your goal list by now. If you don’t then go back and take out a notebook or journal or piece of paper and write down 10 goals. Work on your 101 goals later if you have to.

Out of those 10 goals which goal is the one you really want the most that you want to start working on? For this particular exercise pick out a goal that is relatively simple to accomplish. Pick out one that you can do the quickest and this becomes your primary goal.

Once you have your primary goal picked out then it is time to create a plan for achievement. Let’s say your primary goal is to hire a new assistant. You should list 10 or more steps you will need to take.

As an example in order to hire a new assistant you will need to…

  1. What qualifications will this person need to have such as education, experience, etc?

  2. Decide on what you will pay this person, benefits, hours and responsibilities that that person will have

  3. Start by asking friends, relatives and people you know if they know of anyone who meets this criteria and what they recommend them

Once you’ve created your action plan with the steps involved now it’s time to take action. Start by completing one or two steps per day if possible. Go through your steps until you have made your primary goal a reality and have actualized it.

Once you have actualized the goal and made it a reality then decide on your next primary goal and repeat the process. Before you know what all of your goals will become a reality and then it’s time to create more goals.

Remember, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is time to create the best life possible!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and Law of Attraction specialist