Week 20 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

Make Your Positive Mindset A Reality


Just knowing that you should have a belief system that is rooted in success and abundance is one thing but actually believing that success and abundance is yours is another.

It is crucial to your success that you truly believe that you have the ability to tap into your infinite prosperity, wealth and abundance. That belief should then line up with your attitude, your words and most importantly your actions. To achieve and manifest your deepest desires and goals you must first start with your mindset.

Your determining factor in your success or your failure is your mindset and your belief system. Why is that? It is because your beliefs are linked to your attitude, your words and your actions. What you truly believe to be true directly determines the attitude you take toward yourself and also the world, and the words you say and the actions you take.

I want you to think of this relationship between your beliefs and your mindset and attitude as a tree. Your belief system is the roots of the tree. If your beliefs are rooted in excuses and negativity then it will act like a poison.

This poison travels up into your trunk, which is your attitude, and it weakens it. This poison also keeps traveling up into your branches, which are your words, and they begin to die and wither. Your branches support your leaves and your fruit, which is your actions, and they rot and eventually fall off. This is when we feel failure.

Now if you have a mindset that is well rooted in positivity it will deliver a very healthy attitude, positive words and healthy positive actions. This creates a healthy tree that bears a ton of fruit. So the question becomes which would you rather have?




Here is this week’s personal exercise:

Ask yourself what you really believe about wealth and prosperity? Do you even think they exist? If you believe they exist do you believe they exist for you or just for other people?

Your attitude towards success will always determine your degree of success that you get. You and you alone decide if you become prosperous.

I would like you to test yourself to see what you truly think about success. Take out your journal or notebook and write down these statements and then complete them. You can write one sentence or you may write 10 pages or more. Whatever this will take for you to understand your true beliefs.

I know that I probably should believe success and unlimited prosperity and abundance exists for everyone. But what I truly believe is…(fill in the rest)

I should believe that I deserve to have everything I want. What I truly believe is…

I should believe that infinite abundance does exist and opportunities are all around me all the time waiting for me to take action on. What I truly believe is…

I should believe that the only thing stopping me from accomplishing all of my goals is the person that I look at in the mirror. What I truly believe is…

I should believe that successful people have to take action in order to accomplish their dreams and their goals. What I truly believe is…

I should believe that the only way to create the life that I want is to keep going and persist even in the face of rejection. What I truly believe is…

After going through this exercise in answering these questions you should be more aware of your true beliefs about your personal success. Then you will know what you need to change and begin the transformation one belief at a time.

Remember, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is time to create the best life possible!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and Law of Attraction specialist