Week 31 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

Dedicate Yourself to Excellence


In any situation good and bad and no matter what the task is we should always do our best no matter what. We should be doing the best job we can possibly do. Why? The answer is because what we do and how we do it will speak volumes about who we are.

I would like to ask you a question. Have you ever had a task to do that you didn’t want to do either at work or home? If so did you find yourself whining and grumbling about it and pouting through the entire thing because you had to do it?

I bet it seemed as if this task would never get done because you did not want to do it. The fact remains that we all have to do some things we don’t want to do. Instead of complaining about it and being miserable which just seems like the job would drag on, try just having fun no matter what you are doing.

If something has to get done, it has to get done. If it has to get done then we have two choices. We can act the martyr and huff and puff our way through the whole thing asking why do I have to do this or we can decide to make everything fun and make a game out of it.

Take pride in everything that you do and people will notice that you are dedicated to excellence. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude will start to rub off on other people and will be contagious. Even if it doesn’t rub off on them you will feel better about yourself and the work that you do.




Here is this week’s personal exercise:

I want you to think about the task that you absolutely hate doing. Is it bookkeeping, paperwork, mowing the lawn? We all have certain jobs and task that we do not enjoy. If you cannot hire someone to do them then you will have to step up to the plate grit your teeth and get the job done.

If that is the case then why not put a smile on your face and just feel good about doing it? Why not just make it a game and it will go faster than if you mope and pout about it?

So for this week’s lesson I want you to think of 5 to 10 jobs that you absolutely hate or don’t enjoy doing. I think that’ll probably be pretty easy. At the top of the page write one job per page in your journal or notebook.

As an example let’s put down that you don’t want to mow the lawn. Below it into the left right down the numbers one through 10. Now list the positive results that occur once you mow the lawn.

Again here is an example.

  1. The yard looks awesome

  2. the dog rolls around in the freshly cut grass

  3. the freshly cut grass has an awesome smell to it

  4. it looks so much cleaner when the lawn is mowed

I think you get the idea. Just take a look at the positive results that come out of doing a task and it will help you become motivated to just get the job done.

Just step into a new you each and every day. Reach out and accomplish greater health, happiness, fitness, friendship, love and take greater pride in yourself.

Remember, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is time to create the best life possible!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and Law of Attraction specialist