Week 32 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

Change Your Attitude – Change Your Results


The image you have of yourself and what you want to accomplish in life will make you become what you were meant to be. Every single one of us has created the lives we are currently living through our beliefs that we have established within ourselves. If you have a belief system that is based on lack and limitation it will reproduce itself physically into your life.

If you think of unlimited prosperity— which is the true reality— you will ultimately and inevitably experience unlimited prosperity though it’s not instantaneous.

If you think of lack and limitation you’ll experience more lack and limitation.

Limits are things that we impose in our own mind and upon ourselves or allow them to be imposed upon us. The bottom line is that our success or our failure begins and ends with the attitude that we have about ourselves and success.

Your results will be determined by what you believe. What you focus and concentrate on will come back to you multiplied 100 times. Your belief in the possibility or impossibility of any given situation will determine the outcome of that situation. If you do not believe in the possibility of success, then it will not be possible. You can access vast success with self chosen new processes.

I know that being patient is not always an easy task. I know it can even be depressing waiting for what you want to show up in its physical form. I want you to realize that if you weren’t supposed to have what you dream about then you would never have had the dream in the first place. Just believe in your dreams and believe in yourself and then use the law of allowing to allow the universe to work in its own divine time.




Here is this week’s personal exercise:

So just how do you replace your entire negative belief system with a new prosperity focused belief system? Well, just like anything else you start at the beginning.

  1. Write down what your beliefs are.

  2. Begin by asking yourself questions such as: do I deserve success and prosperity? What would happen if I achieved any level of success? Would my success take success away from anyone else around me or would it increase everyone else’s success? Do I deserve to be happy? Are the people that I have around me positive or negative influences in my life? Why do I associate with people who bring me down?

  3. The answers that you supply to these questions will create other questions. As an example, if you surround yourself constantly with negative people in your life… What attracts you to those kinds of people and why do you do this? Is it because you feel that you’re not worthy of positive people in your life? If you do, that is usually a limiting belief that needs to be replaced with a prosperous belief. You should not have room for negative people any longer.

  4. Take each and every negative belief and start to eliminate them one by one. These beliefs are like weeds that need to be plucked out and thrown away. Then, replace each with a new, positive belief. Going off of the example above, instead of focusing on your belief that you’re not worthy of positive people in your life, replace that old belief with one that says I am more than worthy of abundance and prosperity and only attract positive, encouraging, helpful, and supportive people. When you do this you will be surprised at how quickly those can’t do people will change their negative tunes or drop out of your life completely. You should do this with all of your old beliefs and then sit back and watch as prosperity will manifest itself into your life.

It usually takes about 21 days to totally eliminate a bad habit and incorporate a positive habit is a new belief in your life. The key here is to be persistent and do it every single day. 21 days is nothing when the result will be having everything you’ve ever wanted.

You should be thinking big and prosperous and you’ll get big and prosperous results. If you think small and lacking thoughts you’ll achieve just that. The choice will always be yours.

You were born very rich. You were born with 18 billion prosperous, beautiful and bountiful and totally available brain cells awaiting your desire, decision and directional compass to take you onward and upward. Most of these brain cells probably are underused so it is your choice to start using them.

Remember, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is time to create the best life possible!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and Law of Attraction specialist