Week 34 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

Change is Transformation

Butterfly Transformation Message

The world changes every single day and what you experienced yesterday is gone forever. Weather changes, people change, relationships change, emotions change, prices change, circumstances change… Everything changes.

Most people really do hate change. In fact, the only one that really likes change is a wet baby. When we have everything in life are going well such as we can pay our bills on time, the kids are doing well in school, our relationships are happy, then the last thing we want in our life is change.

I am sad to say that change is unavoidable. The one constant in life is change. Everything changes and in motion and transforms every single second. This is great because this is the only way breakthroughs can happen.

You have two choices when it comes to change you can either move forward with it no matter how scary this may be or be left behind.

Everything is in constant motion. Even inanimate objects aren’t really motionless at all. Everything is energy and energy vibrates and the inanimate objects are vibrating so rapidly they appear to be solid.

Nothing stays constant and I do mean nothing. Fearing change will not do you any good at all and only hold you back for what is possible.

I want you to think about this, that if you mope around about change and hope everything stays the same such as your job, marriage, finances etc., how can you transform to a higher state of existence.

The simple answer is… You can’t.

I want you to think about comparing change to canoeing. You cannot just paddle into life’s a river, throw out an anchor and expect to stay in the same place. The waves of the river and the waves of change will move you or worse, capsize the boat and you drown if you are not paying attention.

You just have to watch the waves, then adjust your paddling, watch out for the rocks, then keep the canoe balanced and go where the current will take you. Some people even think change is fun and keeps life interesting. Start to be one of those people.




Here is this week’s personal exercise:

Start by identifying the changes currently going on in your life. Do you get stressed out just thinking about them? Do you believe everything is out of your control?

Being in control is a big fallacy. The only thing that you ever have control over is how you react to what happens to you in the changes that is taking place. Once you really grasp this fact life will become easier for you.

Now that you have identified the changes that is taking place in your life:

  1. write them in your journal or notebook. As an example: change: my company is restructuring and I may end up losing my job.

  2. Accept the change that is taking place: this change is something over which I have no control.

  3. Determine what you do have control over: I can control my reaction to this change that is taking place. If I end up keeping my job, I will continue to enjoy it and do the very best that I can. If I end up losing my job my life will transform into a higher state where I then can create a new career path more opportunities and more money.

  4. Just do this exercise for every change that you are experiencing in your life.

Don’t think of changes being good or bad. Think of it as an opportunity to transform your life because every single thing happens for a reason. You probably will not see the reason that it is happening right now but you will when the time is right.

Opportunity is infinite.

Remember, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is time to create the best life possible!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and Law of Attraction specialist