Week 40 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

You are Responsible for your Learning


We start learning way before most of us can remember. We start learning from our parents or our caregivers, from our teachers and spiritual leaders and also from our peers. We are in a constant state of learning.

We learn the good and also the not so good from these people even though they have the best of intentions. We learned just by being around these people.

When we reach adulthood a lot of people get stuck into thinking that they have learned all they can learn and start to live their lives according to the methods and paths taken by those who of taught them through the years.

At this point and time in your life it is absolutely necessary that you take on the responsibility for your own learning. You must research and ask questions and start to seek the knowledge that you know you must possess to achieve your dreams and desires.

You cannot just sit back idly and assume the lessons or the teachers will automatically come to you. Sometimes in fact they do come to you but in most cases it is up to you to put forth the effort and the energy to continue to learn.





Here is this week’s personal exercise:

Take out your journal and write down the areas in your life that you want to learn more. Then make a list of all the things you want to learn right now and for the rest of your life and of course you can add to your list as you go along in life.

If you have learned from teachers in your life thus far that of taught you well in book knowledge but maybe you don’t feel comfortable in the area of personal finance, then seek out those finance teachers.

Maybe you’ve had teachers that have taught you about achieving goals, but not achieving the spiritual well-being that you seek in your life. Then set out finding these teachers and they will be drawn to you. Whatever area of your life you want to learn more in set out to find those types of teachers in they will appear.

Remember, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is time to create the best life possible!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and Law of Attraction specialist