Week 45 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

Getting Rid of Stuff that no Longer Serve You

no longer serve you

There is an annual thing that many people do called spring cleaning. Somewhere around April or so people start to clean out their closets, garages and drawers and keep the items they need and tossing the things they no longer use.

The question is, “How many of us do a “self” spring cleaning?” How many of us even consider tossing our personal stuff we no longer use or need? I’m talking about a mental spring cleaning. I am talking about cleaning out our mental, emotional and spiritual closets.

Every single person has a past both good and bad. Everyone has their own personal stuff that they’ve gone through that is helped in the creation of the person they are today.

You can be grateful for a lot of your life experiences but you do not need to hang on to the “stuff” that is the emotional, mental, and spiritual pains that you have experienced in your life that have brought you to this current point in your life.

A lot of times this “stuff” stays with us a lot longer than we needed to. Sometimes it even sticks to us like invisible glue or some type of sticky note. Maybe it was a high school sweetheart who broke up with you before the prom and it’s like a green sticky note on your heart. Maybe it was a parent’s divorce and you have a yellow sticky note stuck to your stomach on that. Maybe it was a teacher in grade school that called you stupid when you answered a question wrong. That can be a blue sticky note stuck on your throat. Maybe it was something your mom or dad said in jest when you were younger but it hurt you deeply and that’s a big red sticky note on your forehead.

All of these things are a big part of who you are currently. Somewhere in your past they had served you as may be a protection device or something to that effect. At the same time these things are also prevented you from living your life to the fullest and experiencing abundance and prosperity and happiness to the max.

While the day has come to live life without that safety net and take off the training wheels and discard the mental, spiritual, and emotional “stuff” that no longer serve us.




Here is this week’s personal exercise:

To start your cleaning process of your personal “stuff,” you will need to take inventory of what you have collected over the years.

So grab your journal or notebook and a small wastebasket and find a quiet place and sit down and put the wastebasket beside you. Now close your eyes and start to picture yourself standing in front of you.

Really look close at yourself and see a protective, plastic cover that is wrapped around you. This cover is preventing you from really connecting fully with the world. It is preventing the world from connecting with you.

Now reach out, yes physically reach out, and picture pulling the plastic off of your protected self. When you do that you are able to see those emotional, mental and spiritual sticky notes that have attached themselves all over your body.

I want you to start at the top of your head and read each sticky note and write down the information. Maybe one of them reads: “I am not good enough” or “I am not that smart.”

Once you have gone through the process and take an inventory of all your “stuff,” start to examine each one of them. Three questions you should ask yourself of each sticky note.

  1. Where did this idea come from?

  2. How did it serve me?

  3. Why is it still here?

Now it is time to let go of them one by one once you get to know these things. How do you let go? Here is what you do. Speak to each one of them and say:

“I want to thank you for serving me in my past. I no longer need you in my life and I release you to the universe.”

Now physically reach out and remove the sticky note from yourself. Then wadded up and toss it into the wastebasket. I know this is probably going to be strange for a lot of people but remember your mind and your body responds to physical action.

Once you have removed the sticky note in the item you will need to replace it with something. This way you will not feel like Swiss cheese with a lot of holes and you. You should come up with something fun and that is you and maybe replace each sticky note with a happy face or maybe even a gold star. Let your imagination run wild and do whatever you like.

Now repeat this for every sticky note that you have on your body. After you have removed them all, then take the wastebasket out of your home and dump the remains into a trashcan or dumpster or wherever you put your trash.

When I went through this process I physically stood out and watched the garbage truck come around on garbage day and watched my trash barrel being emptied into the garbage truck. I then watched the garbage truck pull away with all my old “stuff” inside the garbage truck. I said out loud to myself my old stuff has gone away and I am ready to live in abundance and prosperity.

After this exercise it is normal to feel a bit tired, awkward and even sad. After all, you have lived with this “stuff” your entire life and it is now part of you. Just know that these feelings will pass within a day or so.

This exercise will allow you to take inventory and remove all of your personal “stuff” that has held you back from achieving your goal in experiencing your life to the fullest. Take time now to complete it and you will soon feel lighter and more energized than you have in years.

As Mr. Spock used to say on Star Trek, “Live long and prosper.”

Remember, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is time to create the best life possible!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and Law of Attraction specialist