Week 47 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

Life Marketing Lessons


I just love marketing guru Joe Sugarman. He is famous for marketing the Blue Blocker sunglasses and many other fantastic marketing successes. I have attended seminars where he shared a great number of lessons from the stage


I would like to present three of Mr. Sugarman’s lessons as these can be applied into your life and not just selling products. I hope you get a lot out of these three lessons as I have.

1. You should become an expert at whatever you do. With every subject you are interested in you should want to learn everything you can. I mean talk to consumers, go to trade shows, and go to a factory where something is being made. Google it and research it on the Internet and read up on it every single day. When you do that you will create an edge for yourself way above your competitors.

This also applies to things you are interested in with your life. What are you passionate about or what interests do you have? With the Internet today you have no reason not to become an expert in the things that interest you.

2. Make sure you find the answers when no one else will. Joe said when he was trying to get Batman credit cards printed back in 1966; it was an anomaly of an idea. He needed the print run to be done in 10 days or less and was told that he’d have to wait two months.

That is when he started to ask questions. He started to try to think outside the box. What if he went to every bank that was scheduled ahead of him to print their credit cards and got permission to move ahead of them? What if he went to the packagers in the plate maker’s and…? When you start to ask questions you get the answers that you need. He got the project done in 10 days.

3. You should look for opportunities everywhere. Joe was doing the in-flight merchandise catalog for United Airlines and one of their advertisers fell out at the last minute and he had a full page open up just two days before going to press. He just had lunch with a friend of his who introduced him to these great new sunglasses called Blue Blockers. He made an executive decision that they would be the filler for that new empty page that just opened up. He acted quickly and wrote the copy even more quickly and in just over six months the ad sold over a 100,000 pairs of sunglasses.



Here is this week’s personal exercise:

This week’s exercise is a short one. You should remember this: everybody is given a bucket of oysters and if you are willing to dig deep enough you will find that oyster with the pearl.

So what does this mean? It means be willing to do things that other people won’t do. It means to become the expert and go the extra mile to become that expert in everything you are passionate about and have an interest in.

It means to go the extra mile and find the answers that no one else is willing to dig deep enough to uncover. Start asking questions and thinking outside the box and you will find your answers.

Finally, you should look for opportunities everywhere. By having the mindset of seeking opportunities and then acting on those opportunities you will find yourself creating many successes in your life.

Remember, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is time to create the best life possible!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and Law of Attraction specialist