Week 5 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

Taking Time to Reflect


Everyone usually goes through some type of tragedy in their life and is usually something no one can escape. At the time this is being written we are still struggling in an economy that is not recovering as quickly as people would like. We hear of things going on in the Middle East of Isis beheading American citizens. We hear of Putin trying to take over Ukraine.

San Francisco just had one of the biggest earthquakes they’ve had in quite some time. I can go on and on about the tragedies that are taking place all over the world.

Even though we become familiar with this tragedy and the tragedies happening around us we have yet to be jaded. While many people have every reason to lose hope, they manage to reach into the deep recesses of their soul and find faith that they thought was forever hidden.

These stories inspire the rest of us and we have reached out and carried on and then we turn these moments into true testaments for our desire to believe in each other, to help each other, and to carry on.

Every time something like this happens or natural disasters happen we experience a kind of healing that renews our love for life. Possibly a feeling that many of us have not had 9/11. We have a renewed appreciation for life and embrace the fact that tomorrow is not promised anyone. We make amazing success stories of ourselves and for the people around us.

We want to live our dreams and want more for ourselves. We want to live the abundant life that we were born to live.
In order to live the life that we want to live we must first look at what we have done in our past that is led us to our current and present state. In other words, we must reflect.

Reflect has many different meanings. One of those meanings is “to think seriously; to contemplate.”

One of the very first steps in creating the life that you want to have is to begin examining where you are currently and where you want to be in the future. Yes, it is as simple as that, but it’s an awesome step into the future that you desire.

The first thing that I would like you to do is to take a few minutes to reflect on each of these specific areas of your life. So before you proceed any further just take these areas of your life and take a few minutes just to ponder each one. Think about where you currently are in each of these areas.

  • your relationship with your spouse/partner;

    • your relationship with your children;

    • your financial situation;

    • your physical body;

    • your spiritual self;

    • your occupation.

    The next thing is to write down what you love about your life currently. Next, write down what you are not satisfied and happy with about your life.

As you start to think about what you love about your life and also what you are dissatisfied with, I’ve taken the time to write down a few questions that may help you get clear about those things.

  1. Do you look forward to each day and jump out of bed in the morning?

    2. Do you get excited about each day no matter what you have to do?

    3. Do you have passion for the career you have in the work you are doing?

    4. Do you laugh every single day?

    5. Do you surround yourself with people who you love, admire and respect?

    6. Are you surrounded by people who love, admire and respect you?

    If you were not able to answer yes to any of the questions above, then it is time to begin creating a life where, when asked those questions again you can say yes to all of them.

You probably already know that. You’ve probably felt something deep inside in a desire to change but up until now you just did not know how to go about making that change. That is what this lesson is about this week. I will help you create the life that you want. That is about what this whole program is about. I have done this for myself already. I have helped numerous clients in my coaching business do the same thing and I can do it for you as well.

The first thing that you must do is to make a conscious decision now and start living your dreams and desires. Once you have made that decision, then your life will begin to change in ways that you have never dreamed of.

In addition to writing down your reflection notes from above I just want you to do this one simple exercise.

  1. List just three specific WANTS you have in your life that you’ve been reluctant or afraid to ask for.

    2. Now, go back in and write down what that fear is . . . WHY have you stopped yourself from asking




Here is this week’s exercise:

  1. List three specific wants or desires in your life that in the past you have been reluctant or afraid to ask for.

  2. After writing down your three specific wants or desires, write down what the fear has been prevent you from asking. Write down why you have stopped yourself from asking for those particular dreams and desires.

By identifying fears and what is stopping us we can then confront them and come up with a plan to overcome them as well.

Remember, Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself! Time to create the best life possible!

I’ll see you next week!

Keith Young

High Performance coach and law of attraction specialist