Week 6 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

Learning how to ask for what you want


We have everything that we could ever want right at our fingertips. The reason you probably do not have it is because you have not asked for it. All you have to do is to ask for it!

It is probably not quite that simple for most people. If it were, wouldn’t we all be living with prosperity and abundance? We would probably all be just floating around happy as a lark and on cloud nine. So just what is holding us all back? What is stopping us from truly living the life that we desire?

Is it because of your dead-end job? Is it because of your spouse or your parents? We probably could all point fingers every single day at the people in our lives who do not allow us to do what we want to do and that is keeping us from our dreams.

But are they really the problem? We probably do not want to hear the truth. In fact, taking a line from Col. Jessup in the movie a few good men, “you can’t handle the truth!”

So the truth is WE are the problem! The single biggest challenge and obstacle to overcome in our journey to become successful and to live successful lives is ourselves. Yes, we are our own worst enemy.

Here’s the good news. We can change. We can choose to become our greatest ally and our own best friend. So just how do we make this happen? Well, to begin you should change the way you think about yourself and believing that you deserve the best possible life.

Here are the top five main reasons why we usually don’t ask for what we want.

  1. Ignorance--we just don’t know that we’re supposed to ask.

  2. Limiting beliefs— these are inaccurate beliefs that if we ask for what we want we will receive.

  3. Fear— we fear change. We are in our comfort zone even though we want to change our lives. We have the fear of the unknown and what that may hold.

  4. Pride— we do not want to admit that we need to change and we are too proud to admit it thinking we are doing okay. We are too proud to ask for any help.

  5. Low self-esteem— we do not feel we deserve to have a prosperous and abundant life. We do not feel we deserve to ask for something better.

This week I would just like you to focus on recognizing low self-esteem in the process of overcoming that hurdle. Do you want to earn $1 million this year or do you want to live in your dream home? You want to have that relationship with someone who is thoughtful and adoring? Would you like to work in an environment with the kind of people who love and respect you? I think just about anyone would to all of the above. No one would want anything less.

But here is the real question. Do you really think you deserve all of these things?

When you first think about it you probably think that you absolutely deserve all of these things and probably much more. What I am talking about how you feel really deep down. Do you really believe that all of these things should and can be yours? You can have your supervisor or boss praising you all the time and your spouse and friends professing their adoration and love for you, but unless you really believe that you deserve the best in life, then none of that matters.

So how do you go about changing your self-image? I suggest starting by listening and I mean consciously listening to what you tell yourself during your daily routine. This is called your inner self talk. In other words when you make a mistake do you tell yourself, “I am just so stupid I should not have done that. Why am I always doing stupid things?”

When you say things similar to this on a daily basis, this way of thinking wires you to believe that you are stupid and that you always do stupid things. This belief then sinks into your subconscious soon becomes part of how you view yourself and the mental image that you have about yourself.

This is extremely dangerous to your well-being and to your life because your subconscious mental self-image is then projected through you into this world around you. Remember, others see you as you see yourself.

Becoming aware and stopping your negative self talk when it enters your mind is not quite enough. You then must replace that negative self talk with positive self talk. Why is this? Well, the Universe detests a vacuum. So, if you create a void by getting rid of the negative self talk and do not replace it with something positive, the Universe will replace it with something, possibly even more negativity. You want to substitute a positive for a negative so that you are in control of what fills up that void and that empty space.




It is my wish that all of your reflections lists from last week has brought you to a place where you are now ready to soar and skyrocket into a new abundant and prosperous life.

This week I would like to offer one very simple exercise.

I would just like you to sit back and relax for a few moments. Gently close your eyes and I would like you to think back to the times in your life when you really, really wanted something and did not ask for it.

It could be that you wanted to ask out a cute girl or guy that set next to you in class but didn’t. Maybe you wanted to try out for one of the sports teams in your high school or maybe even your college. It could be that you just wanted that last serving of meat at the dinner table.

There was something holding you back from trying out for that team more may be suggesting that date that you wanted so bad. There was something holding you back from asking for that last piece of meat or may be another slice of pie that you wanted at that meal. Just what was that thing that held you back? Do you think it was a feeling of unworthiness? Did you feel that your needs were not as important as some of the others? Was it fear of rejection?

Bring those vivid scenes back to your life and in 3-D. Start seeing those images and no scenes like you would be sitting in an IMAX theater. Start from the very beginning see yourself ASKING for those things and not backing down. See yourself actually trying out for that team and the coach getting excited about you and you make the team!

See yourself asking out their cute girl or guy and actually going out on that date and they really liked you and wanted to do this again! See yourself enjoying that last piece of meat or another slice of pie because you asked for it and it was given to you!

Start rewinding the past and working through it with the confidence that will help you to have more faith in yourself and in your abilities and that you deserve the best in life.

Believe it and achieve it! You can’t have it or achieve it unless you believe it. So this week go back through those times and visualize yourself asking and receiving those things from the past. Then visualize your future as well and the things that you want in conjunction with your hundred and one wishes and desires that we did back in week one. See yourself getting everything that you ask for. See yourself asking with confidence and believing that you deserve it.

You do deserve the very best in life!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and law of attraction specialist