Week 8 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

How to Expand Your Imagination to Unlock What is Possible



I want you to think back when you were a child. Growing up we believed anything was possible when we were a child. We used to create worlds where we ourselves were the main characters and everything revolved around us.

I know myself was a sports hero. I was the hero usually either in baseball or basketball. I made the game saving catch or the game-winning home run. I made the last minute shot that won the game.

I used to have friends come over and they became part of my imaginary world and we had great times laughing, playing, and just being who we wanted to be. At the time I was growing up we played army a lot and were soldiers. Or we used to play cars in a dirt pile and be our own little city and construction site. As I write this, it takes me back to a magical time in my life!

Then we started to grow up and as we grew older and people saw what we were doing and weren’t sure they liked it anymore. People saw us being young and joyful and excited and what used to be, but no longer were. They didn’t allow us to be these things any longer. We started hearing things like “act your age” or “grow up!”

We also heard things like, “will you stop dreaming!” Or “be realistic will you.”

Now I know there is a good chance that the people who were telling us this such as our parents, teachers, relatives, and counselors probably did not know any better at the time. We ourselves did not know that daydreaming and using our imagination and that knowing exactly what we want would be crucial to our future happiness and success.

We just didn’t know that these people that were telling us this were not mad at us. I think they were perhaps disappointed with themselves for allowing their dreams to die. They probably didn’t know, and maybe even you yourself does not realize, is that dreams can never be destroyed.

Dreams can be beat up and bruised a little, but they can never die. They will just sink into a deep sleep in the recesses of our mind. Just like sleeping beauty, they just lie there, waiting for the day when they will be resurrected to be realized.

Well this week, I am going to help you wake them up!

It is time to return to the magic of your youth. It is time to recall the days there were no impossibilities or limits. It is now time to reawaken your dreams and to start living the life that you’ve always wanted to live.

Have you realized that each and every one of us born rich and abundant. At any one time we have 18 billion brain cells just sitting there waiting for us to give them some type of direction. The only types of limitations that exist are those that we impose on ourselves. Our brains do not know any type of limitations. Our minds will believe as the truth whatever we convince them to believe. So the question is, why are we living our dreams? Just what is stopping us?

I have found, and I used to be this way myself, are not living the lives they want to live because they are usually not thinking big enough. They are also not focused on exactly what they want to do in their lives.

So what is the key to having everything that we want? The answer lies in expanding our definition of what is possible and then focusing those thoughts on what we want not on what we don’t want. Yes, it is as simple as that. Once we convince ourselves to believe in the possibility of anything and focus in on exactly what we want in our lives and exactly what we want to do with our lives, then our minds will expand and can take us there.



So here is the action step for this week.

This week focus on figuring out what you really want your life to look like in detail. Let your imagination run wild and don’t put any limitations you might be putting upon yourself.

Take out your journal or notebook and let’s start with numbering a page 1 through 20. We will keep it at 20 for now as we are learning to focus and expand our mind. Then, sit back and close your eyes and relax your mind and think of only one question.

The question is, “what do I really want?” Silently ask yourself this question over and over again and again until things begin to pop into your head. When something comes up write it down.

Do not judge anything at this time. Do not compromise anything of what you want.

When you ask yourself that question of, “what do I want?” And you come up with an answer of, “I want to learn how to do magic”, do not second-guess your answer.

You may start to think, “well, I’ve always wanted to learn how to do magic tricks, but that is really stupid as I am not in high school anymore. It probably would take too long to learn and I really don’t know the first thing about magic so people would probably laugh at me.”

When you start to second-guess yourself then start to create limiting beliefs about what you can actually achieve and accomplish. You grind your deepest desires into a fine powder. When you start to second-guess yourself you are saying is that you don’t deserve what you want.

After you have written down your 20 desires then begin to think about them one at a time. Start transforming them from being “practical” wants, to “excessive, preposterous, unlimited, vast, unrestricted” desires.

What this exercise will help teach you is to think without limitation and tap into the part of your mind that has been dormant since you were a child your imagination.

For example: If one of your "practical" wants is to open a bakery, you would write down at the top of a sheet of paper "Open a Bakery". Now, you would think about what is possible if you did open a bakery. But don't think small - think HUGE!

Maybe you would write "My bakery becomes the most popular bakery in the country." "I have to buy all of the buildings on the entire block to expand, because demand is so intense for my baked goods." "Reporters from CNN cover the grand opening of my bakery." "I have to license the name of the bakery and have T-shirts and bumper stickers printed up, because it is so popular." "I ship baked goods around the country on a daily basis."

For every "practical" want, write 20 "immense, excessive, preposterous, unlimited, unrestricted" statements, like I wrote above.

Once you train yourself to think outrageously, the possibilities for your success will be limitless.

Remember, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is time to create the best life possible!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and law of attraction specialist