Week 9 Stepping into Greatness Lesson

Free Yourself from Fear



Now that you have started expanding your imagination and your thoughts and focusing in on the desires that you want in your life and creating an improved life, fears will start setting in soon after that.

So why is it that fear will start setting in? Well that is because you are starting to get out of your comfort zone and create change in your life. Change creates fear. We can let fear paralyze us or push through it and take action to create success.

With any change comes fear because fear is a warning signal to us asking us if we want to proceed because this is not normal. We create our normal. Because we create our normal we then can create a new normal.

When you have fear dominate your thoughts, then your dreams will wither and die. The fact is that we are all afraid at different times in our lives. If you want to achieve your life goals then you have to overcome your fear and just proceed to do what needs to be done.

It is very scary to do things that scare us but it’s even more frightening to think about coming to the end of our lives and never having our hearts greatest desires and wishes realized. It is even more frightening to realize that we never even tried. Let go of your fears and let your dreams manifest themselves.

One of the most famous quotes of history came from Franklin Delano Roosevelt during one of his inaugural addresses. He said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself— nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

This famous quote states the problem and the solution. To manifest our life desires you must no longer be paralyzed by fear and retreat from the things that frighten you but to confront and do what you fear.

Often times you will realize that the so-called scary thing was not so scary at all. The power of your imagination became the power that turns your fear into an overpowering monster that kept you paralyzed.

Our imagination is very powerful and it’s dark side can work against you by creating powerful ghastly images that will leave you paralyzed with fear and to keep you stuck exactly where you are in life.

Your imagination can also help you create a world where nothing is impossible. You and you alone have the power to control your mind and you can either allow it to focus on fear to dominate your life or you can choose to dominate the fear and overcome those self proclaimed fears. The choice is yours!




So here is the action step for this week.

This exercise will help you confront your fears and take powerful positive action.

Write down what you fear the most. Before you can eliminate any fear, you must identify the things that you fear first. Some of you will just have a few and maybe some other ones you’ll have to buy a lot of paper to make your list.

However many you have identified them start to overcome them one fear at a time.

You also might be asking the question, “How do I conquer my fears?” The short answer is, “do the thing you fear.” I know that is terrifying but it is extremely necessary.

To rid yourself and free yourself from fears, take a look at your list and one fear at a time ask these questions until you get at its core issue.

  1. What particular fear frightens you the most?

  2. Do you want to overcome and remove this fear from your life?

  3. Is this particular fear stopping you from achieving your dreams and your goals?

  4. What would happen to you physically and mentally if you did the thing that you fear the most?

  5. If you did the thing you fear with the opinions of others matter? If so, why would it matter?

  6. You did the thing you fear what would be the worst thing that could happen? Live with that consequence?

  7. What would be the best thing that could happen to that fear? Would that make you happier?

  8. If you knew this was your last day on this planet, if you review your life would this fear haunt and torment you did not push through it? Would you have wished you had overcome it? Would you be miserable knowing that you wasted the years you allowed this fear to control you?

It is how you answer these questions for each fear that will determine whether you should take action to eliminate each one from your list. Question number eight is especially important.

When you are positive results outweigh your negative consequence, this action step should help you identify and destroy your fears before they steal and obliterate your dreams.

Your focused mind power is one of the strongest forces on this earth.


Remember, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is time to create the best life possible!

Until next week

Keith Young

High Performance coach and law of attraction specialist