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What are your rules regarding money

So what are your rules regarding money? Most people don’t know their rules about money or even give it consideration. By default, they have rules however. What do I mean by rules? Here is some suggestions:

  • save 10% of my income each month or a set amount
  • never use credit cards
  • always pay off credit cards each month if I use them
  • my outgo always must be less than my income
  • live on 80% of my income
  • never buy things impulsively
  • invest for long term and retirement
  • have a budget
  • save for big ticket items and pay cash

Those are just some examples. Most people never consider any rules. You should have rules in place to Master Your Finances. You want to become a master of your finances.

Finances and money are one of the biggest contributors of divorce. If you are married you need to communicate and come up with your own rules as a couple for money. Lack of money and debt is a big contributor to a lot of stress in your life. By becoming a master of your finances you can help your marriage and also have a lot less stress in your life as well. That is why I created the Master Your Finances program to help people get out of debt and have less stress in their lives. You can check it out on this site.

So if you don’t have any rules regarding money then you should make time to make some. If you are married you need to do this together. Then you need to follow your rules. This may be difficult at first to follow your rules, but anything new seems different at first. Before you know it your new rules will become automatic and a good habit.

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