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What Is Your Attitude Toward Money

Just what are you main money problems, outside of maybe not having enough? Ask yourself what are the core problems you have with money?  Is it that you work like a dog and cannot get ahead? Is it that money seems to disappear like magic when it is in your hands? Is it that you seem that your credit card bills seem to be getting larger and not smaller?

It could be you have these same recurring issues with money because of how you look at money and your relationship with money. Yes I said relationship with money. We do have a relationship with everything in our life.  With money, with food, with cars, with pets, etc. Relationships just aren’t with people. You may need to take a good hard look at your relationship with money.

another way to ask that is what is your attitude towards money. Do you look at money as hard to get? Do you look at money as you will never have any? If you have those attitudes towards money then you will never have the kind of money you want. Take a look at your attitude towards money and see if you need to change that attitude.

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