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What’s holding you back from taking action toward your desires?

For many, it’s a fear of rejection. Imagine the level of success you could create if you were to transform that fear into the power of focus and commitment. A lot of times, when you question the fear, you’ll find it has no substance. Ask yourself, What’s the worst that could happen if I’m rejected? Usually, the answer is that you might hear someone say “no.” Is that really such a big deal? Does it change your value?

There’s nothing that anyone can do, say, or think to lessen your value. You have incredible value simply because you are here on this planet. And you can decide how much you align yourself with that truth. It is impossible for anyone to reject you unless you are rejecting yourself. Because remember, your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. Others are just mirroring back to you the way you feel about yourself.

So choose to turn your fear of rejection into a positive influence. Fear is simply a form of energy, and all energy carries information within it. What is this fear of rejection telling you? Perhaps it’s giving you more clarity. Maybe it’s an opportunity to sharpen your focus on the outcome you want. It’s certainly an indication that you’re disconnected from your own sense of value. Instead of letting your fear stop you, allow it to propel you forward. Let it empower you. Reconnect to your value.

Consider this example. Harlan Sanders was a retiree receiving Social Security. He felt he had a pretty good recipe for fried chicken, so he decided to try to sell the recipe to restaurants in return for a percentage of the revenue that it generated. He drove around the country, sleeping in his car, visiting restaurants that might be interested in his recipe. Do you know how many times he heard someone say “no”? 1,009 times! He was rejected over a thousand times before someone finally said “yes.” It was only because he was able to keep his focus on his desire, stay connected to his value, and continue moving forward, that Colonel Sanders made a fortune as the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

This is just one example of pursuing a dream and not letting rejection or fear stand in his way. You have the same power within you to push forward through adversity, rejection and fear to achieve any dream you want.

Keith Young
Personal Effectiveness Coach & Law of Attraction Specialist

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