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Why you cannot get ahead with your finances

Recently I had several ask me why it seems like no matter how hard they try then cannot get ahead with their fiances and money. they buy this book and that book and this program and that program and watch this show that claims they have the answers and advice and yet they still cannot get ahead and remain stuck exactly where they are right now.  In weight loss their is the yo-yo dieters that lose weight on a diet then gain it back and lose it again on another diet and gain it back plus some.  The next fad diet comes along and they believe that this one is the magic pill that will finally help them. They lose the weight and gain more back again.

So why is it they cannot keep the weight off? Obviously every diet they tried worked because they lost the weight. So why did the weight always come back? It is because of their own weight story. Their personal weight story is who they believe they are on the subconscious level. They still believe they are this overweight person.  Their personal story maybe that eating was a way of dealing with stress and that is their comfort zone. It may be that being overweight gives them an excuse not to succeed. The stories vary and everyone has their own story but the result is always the same. You will always return to who you believe you are. Unless you change your story and who you believe you are you will always be fighting a losing battle.

The same is true with our finances. We all have a money story connected to who we believe we are in relation to money. If you don’t believe deep down in your subconscious where your money story is buried, you will never have the kind of money you want to have. You will always think of yourself as someone who doesn’t have money.  Being wealthy is for other people not someone like you. That is why you cannot get ahead in your finances not matter what you do. Your money story is still the same.

You want to change your finances? Then take a good hard look at how you view yourself and money. Make a conscious effort when you want something how your thoughts are. Are you thinking you can’t afford that? Are you saying I wish I had more money? Are you going deeper in debt all the time by using credit because that is the only way you will get the things you want? These recurring thoughts come from your money story. You want to change your money story it has to be on the conscious level first by becoming aware of your money thoughts. Then you have the opportunity by choosing another thought that aligns with your money goals.

Stay tuned for more insights on your money story and how to change it.

Coach Keith Young

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